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Sep 22, 2015 | Updated Jul 18, 2017

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The Home Depot offers The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card for regular customers (it’s not designed for contractors).

This is a simple card that doesn’t offer cash back or points for purchases; instead, you’ll get special financing deals on certain purchases.

Warning: these special financing deals are not very consumer-friendly. If you’re interested in this card, make sure you completely understand the terms and conditions, including what you’ll need to pay back, before applying for it. Check out this Reddit thread to see how Home Depot employees are encouraged to get people to sign up for this card.

Some people might find this card useful, but most shoppers will be much better off with a basic rewards credit card.

Read on to learn what this card offers and how you can get a better deal elsewhere.

Where Can I Use This Card?

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card can only be used at The Home Depot stores and

This includes the Home Decorators Collection, which is an exclusive brand of Home Depot.

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card
Apply Now

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card

For People with
Fair Credit

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Interest Rate: 17.99%, 21.99%, 25.99%, or 26.99% (Variable)
Quick Card Facts
  • First purchase special financing options of $299 and up.
  • Heating & Air Conditioning: No interest for 12 months for installing heating and air conditions on purchases of $299 or more.
  • Building Materials: No interest for 12 months for installed roofing, siding, windows, insulation, gutter, and leaf protection on purchases of $5,000 or more.
  • Water Treatment Offers: No interest for 12 months for water treatment offers of $299 or more through 1-800-HOMEDEPOT.

The Rewards

There are no rewards, like points or cash back, for using this card.

The Benefits

You won’t need to bring your card to the store to access your account, which is a nice feature in case you forget it.

There are a few financing plans available, both for certain purchase amounts and for certain categories of purchases.

For purchases of $299 or more, no interest is charged if the balance is paid in full within 6 months (lesser amounts are charged the interest rate shown below).

New cardholders will also be given a choice for their first purchase, and can pick one of the following:

  • 10% off your first purchase (maximum discount of $200)
  • Up to 24 months of financing on your first purchase depending on the current offers and amount of the purchase

You’ll also get additional financing offers occasionally throughout the year, with current offers like:

  • Heating and A/C: 12-month financing plan
  • Building Materials: 12-month financing plan
  • Water Treatment: 12-month financing plan

TAKE NOTE: For all of these “special” financing plans, there is a very important term that you need to be aware of.

If you fail to pay off the entire balance by the end of the plan OR if you make a late payment, you will lose your deferred interest plan!

This means that you can be charged interest for the entire period of the loan, even if you’re only a month or two into your payments. So you could wind up with a bill due for all the interest you’d be expected to pay over that time period.

This actually happened to an unfortunate visitor to our site, who made a late payment and then got a bill for $2,000 of interest that he didn’t expect to have to pay.

If this happens to you it could make your purchase much more expensive than you planned it to be, especially when you thought you’d have some time to pay it off.

This is a pretty dangerous feature to have in a credit card, so in most cases you’ll be better off avoiding this card.

Instead, consider a rewards credit card that will not only give you a better 0% APR deal for any purchases you make, you’ll also be able to earn some points or cash back on those purchases.

The Costs & Fees

Annual Fee Regular APR Regular Balance Transfer APR Cash Advance APR
$0 17.99%, 21.99%, 25.99%, or 26.99% (Variable) N/A N/A
Penalty APR Late Fee Returned Payment Fee
None Up to $35 Up to $35

The Bottom Line

This card offers a few benefits, but I don’t recommend it for shopping at The Home Depot unless you absolutely can’t get a different rewards card. You can also take a look at The Home Depot Project Loan, but it doesn’t offer much better terms (though you can get a very high credit limit).

We’ve heard reports of contractors signing up for this card through third parties, like businesses other than The Home Depot. If you get an offer like this, be sure to get all the details and fully inform yourself before making any decisions.

Remember that with the financing plans available, if you make a late payment or fail to pay off the entire balance by the due date you’ll be charged interest for the entire period of the loan.

This is a situation you can easily avoid by getting a general rewards card. You’ll be able to get a long 0% APR period that every purchase will fall under, big or small, and there will be no retroactive interest rate payments to worry about.

You can also earn cash back on those purchases – it usually won’t be much, but the Citi Double Cash Card, for example, will give you 2% back on every purchase and a 15-month 0% APR period.

So, it’s generally best to avoid this card and go for a basic rewards card instead.

If this review was helpful to you, go ahead and share it with a friend! How do you like to shop at The Home Depot? If you use the Home Depot Consumer card, is it working out well for you? Click here to leave your own review of the Home Depot Consumer card for other visitors, we’d love to hear from you!

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  • Bruce Ellison

    Something you forgot. Customer service on the card. Citibank is rated in the bottom 3 for credit card customer service. So if you want high interest and really, really bad customer service this card is for you. It is unfortunate because Home Depot is great Citibank should do everyone a favor and go away. Bruce Ellison

    • Sean Smith

      In my dealings with Citibank I’ve never had a problem with customer service.

    • Kimberly Rotter

      I like Home Depot, too, but I’ve heard from others that customer service on Home Depot credit products is lacking. Cit is hit or miss, depending on what product you hold.

  • Raymond Shaw

    I disagree with the author of this. I have had the Home Depot card for some time now, and if you save the money for a large project and then pay cash up front, you are losing money. Here is how you should “really” think about interest free payment plans:

    You have enough to pay for your “large” project and you have the money in a savings account. You purchase the project material (or merchandise) with you home depot card and leave the money in your savings. You make the “minimum” payments until the promotional date ends [which in some cases could be 24 months]. The last payment you pay off the entire balance with the money left in the savings account. You now have “made interest” on the project money you had, plus you have your project paid off. I use a little bit different process where I put my project money in to dividend providing stock and make nearly 5% per year on the money I keep for the project. I do agree with Ms. Rotter that this only works if you have financial discipline, however anyone can do it if they just be mindful.

    • Kimberly Rotter

      Hi Raymond,
      Interesting comments. Your analysis is absolutely correct, but I would mention two caveats for the average reader who stumbles upon your suggestion.

      1. Most people who take advantage of credit card promotions do not pay off the balance in time to avoid paying interest. So while anyone CAN do it, too many simply don’t.

      2. Money in a traditional savings account earns very nearly nothing, especially over a short period like 6 months or a year. Over the long haul, savings does not keep up with inflation, so the present value of the money is actually higher than its value next year. Translation: you get more for your money today. I’m not talking about 5% returns, but rather the very best savings accounts out there, which currently earn about eight or nine tenths of one percent.

      So my gut feeling is that a person who has great credit and is extremely financially responsible might be better off using a cash-back card, like the Costco American Express that pays 2%-5% back annually on all purchases, and pay off the balance immediately. That way the return is better than it would be on a savings account, and interest charges are avoided.

      And yes, if you can get 5% on your money while you take advantage of an interest-free period, you should go for it. Less financially experienced consumers should experiment with this investment strategy on a very small scale, and several times before taking the plunge on a very large purchase.

      • Raymond Shaw

        Ms. Rotter,

        I agree with your “present value” comment completely. I think we have agreed on one thing: none of these “promotions” work unless you have the discipline to pay it off on time. There are a variety of credit cards which offer nice rewards. I am partial to chase, however anyone who does some research will find a variety of cards. I use an airline card and hotel card due to the fact it gives me the “mile” rewards and hotel points that I prefer. Another one I have heard good reviews recently about is: Chase Freedom. I just hope your readers do good research and pay off any promotions on time! Merry Christmas to you and all your readers.

        • Kimberly Rotter

          Credit card point strategies are fascinating to me, but beyond my area of expertise. I am trying to learn more all the time (without getting into any credit card hot water).
          You have a Merry Christmas, too! :)

  • kalee

    do you get any kind of discount with this card?

    • Kimberly Rotter

      Hi Kalee,
      No discount. Just the interest-free promotional period.

      Google “Home Depot coupons” and you might find something that works for you. Here’s a $5 coupon off your next $50 purchase, for signing up for text promotions.


      • Dollar Flipper

        Just FYI, they sometimes do promotions of 10% off entire purchase when you apply to the card. We were able to save about $60 on a big project. We never plan on using the card again, but it was worth it for us to do one time even if we pay it off and call it a day.

        • Kimberly Rotter

          True. Promos come and go, and they do try to make it attractive to apply for this card. I’ve seen 10-15% off same day appliance purchases when you apply for the card, and for someone buying all new appliances, that discount can come to several hundred dollars.

          As I mentioned to a previous commenter, though, most people get enticed by a special only to find themselves in a high cost financing situation. You should only take same-day promos if you are already very good about paying off balances right away. This isn’t a card you’d want to carry a balance on.

          • Dollar Flipper

            That’s a great point. We saved up the cash before we even thought about the credit card, so the 10% off was just icing on the cake. :)

      • Eric

        That is NOT true! you get a 5% discount if you pay with the HD credit card, but you have to ASK FOR IT, and have to choose between the discount or the special financing, can’t do both.

  • rik

    This has been the worst card i have ever had. One late payment after moving and not getting my mail and its up in smoke. I went from 240 payoff to 780 payoff like magic. I will never even shop at home depo anymore and i own a construction business. This was a personal card used to buy things for my new house. Will be paying off soon and never going back inside the orange rip off shack.

    • Kimberly Rotter

      I agree that the terms on this card are quite punitive under many circumstances.

      That said, please consider setting up auto-pay for at least the minimum amount on any card you hold in the future that comes with retro interest or a hefty penalty rate.

  • Sandy

    The thing I like about the HD and Lowe’s credit cards is the super-low minimum monthly payments which are only 1% of the balance instead of 2-3% on normal cards. Someone who is flipping a home can pay very little each month and then sell it before the promotions are done. (And of course if it takes a little longer than 18/24 months to sell, they can temporarily transfer the balance to another card with a fresh 0% promotion just before the retailer card promotion is done.)

    We are about to buy a new home and the bank is looking at debt-to-income ratio on monthly payments, so the low monthly payments are really helping us meet the <45% ratio. If that debt was all on normal cards there's no way we could afford a nice house because we can't sell our current home until we are moved out of it.

    • Brendan Harkness

      @disqus_PTnLq9kxV3:disqus I like your strategy, thanks for sharing!

  • Roxy Spatola

    I need to send my payment in from home depot keyport nj I loss the address does anyone have phone num or address t make payment on ur homedepot charge

  • Kamlesh Kapur

    My frustrating experience is given below. The best thing is to avoid this card. Once you are in the loop of less payment mistakenly or under their agent’s advice, you will not know what is a zero balance. I love my local store and will not stop shopping there; but I did surrender my card after I cleared the outstanding interests and other sundry charges. In any case, consumers should be aware of this loop.
    My Oct statement showed that balance plus penalties and
    interest to the tune of $ 27.52

    I discussed the matter with an agent who waived
    the interest and the penalty and as suggested by her, I paid the actual
    amount of $33.43 by the 9th Oct. This brought the balance to zero. I
    kept asking her for the correct amount so that there is no balance left.
    Someone manipulated the amount- showing that only $ 2 was waived; leaving $ 27 hanging to impose more penalties and piling up interest.
    This came to my notice when I received the Nov. statement. By now the amount
    that I was supposed to pay came to $ 80 extra.
    I called on Nov. 6th. One agent tried to explain that because someone forgot to waive $ 27, therefore the purchases made in the meantime kept incurring interest and penalty. She apologized and deducted $ 27.
    This brought the charges $ 103.95 (interest incurred $ 56.11.
    I spoke to another agent-after explaining the same thing and apologizing for the mistake, insisted that I pay the entire amount. He reduced the charges by another $ 10.
    I have no trust in the competency or the intentions of the agents; to me leaving a hanging balance is a trap for charging 30% rate of interest, so I surrendered the card

  • GR

    I strictly use it for those higher priced items that give me the 6, 12 or 24 months same as cash benefit. I just make sure that I pay the entire balance of the promotion 1-2 billing cycles in case there are any problems. I never send in a check, because it just introduces more potential problems US mail service, check processing times, etc. Big deal–so I don’t get the rewards from regular bank cards–and I don’t have to pay the entire card off–like you usually do if you don’t want to pay interest on those bank CCs. We all have different requirements.

  • K. Tonks

    We had a new roof installed by Home Depot. Salesman DID NOT tell us about DEFERRED INTEREST! When asked he said that any balance owing at end of 2 year promotion we would be charged the high interest rate – that was OK by me. I made a few extra payments but at the end of the 2 years still owed a bit. They ADDED IMMEDIATELY $6,700 in DEFERRED INTEREST. BUYER BEWARE! I called Citibank about this and their customer service guy told me to ‘suck it up!’
    My fault – should have spent a few hours reading the terms before I signed.

  • Dianna9490

    I fell for the home depot credit card purchases INTEREST FREE FOR ONE YEAR! I wasnt able to pay it off n 1 year. I just got my bill. I owed tgem $1700 they charged me 26% INTEREST WHICH AMOUNTED TO OVER $700 on my bill- THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! I will NEVER EVER DEAL WITH HOME DEPOT AGAIN! I could understand 10% but NOT 26%!!!!!! U TALK ABOUT A SCAM – HOME DEPOT SCAMS THEIR CUSTOMERS! DO NOT FALL FOR THER SCAM!!!! Besides contracting with the government in times of a CATRASPHE THEY RIP AMERICANS OFF!!!!!

  • Jennie Braden

    I love having the Home Depot card. I’ve had this for about 20 years now and it has sometimes been the only way I could afford to get projects done. The no interest options are extremely useful to me. I sometimes even combine materials purchase for 2 projects to use the higher amount-longer interest free options. I make minimal payments for the time period (6, 12, 18 or 24 months) and pay it off over the last 2 months of the interest free period. If people are not disciplined enough to plan, budget, and pay things off within the given time frame, NO credit card will be useful for them.

  • Jennie Braden

    It’s an interest free loan. There’s no disadvantage. It’s a win-win. All a person has to do is make the payments and pay off the loan in the last month of the interest free period. They even let me know exactly when the interest free period is over as a reminder.

  • Brandon Montrose

    The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card from Citi Cards / Citi Group Inc. Has been horribly misleading. Customer service has hung up on me several times. This company put a balance of $138.99 on my card without approval or my consent. I bought nothing in this amount. I did not authorize the charge. I agreed to nothing that would allow for this type of unfounded charge to my account. It all started when I went to pay off my balance in full at the store. The in-store employee told me the amount and I paid it. A week later, I realized the employee had given me an amount that was $138.99 more than my actual balance. I had to learn this on my own and pursue the company. They agreed to pay me back. Then these idiots paid me back twice. When they finally realized what they had done, they decided to just put this balance back onto my card with a high interest rate without notifying me. Is this even legal? They should have to make a request, or notify me that they made a mistake. Instead they just attached it to my account. I keep a zero balance, I have no reason to look at the monthly statements. And so for months I had no idea what they had done. I thought I had a zero balance! Now I’m paying interest!?! This should be criminal. If anyone else has had this problem, please call me at three to three for oh one nine for three six, I’d like to pursue a class action lawsuit.

  • Kay Holley

    This is worst card I have ever had. Was ok till I made a larger purchase then a ton of interest was added on. Up until then my interest was paid before their time limit. I am truly disappointed in this card. Not to mention that purchase would not have been made had I realized this. If you make a larger purchase say than 1000.00 I suggest you do this another way.

  • Brenda Parent

    Carol Tome
    You should be fired
    You Could and should-have stopped the 2014 hacking Of 56 million customers. When I filed my lawsuit in 2007 in federal court in Green Bay Wisconsin Parent v Home Depot and Citibank. You knew from my case and depositions that your employees can go on the POS system and run off whatever credit cards they want,one right after the other doesn’t matter if it’s Visa, MasterCard, Home Depot card……. In my lawsuit we found out that “ you Carol” new Home Depot keeps two files on your credit card. One with your full credit card information date,time etc….. The other one shows The same. But like you’re supposed to it’s XXXXX4367 That’s the one they give you, they don’t tell you that they keep all your information Stored on the POS system.And your Home Depot employees can go in the POS system and run off credit cards even six months after these people put it on There credit card. Imagine how many times this must have happened throughout all the Home Depot stores in all the states. And I can go back as far as 2005. Now Carol I want to read what BusinessWeek reported that they give you a C level security and that Management states that it would be too expensive and would disrupt business. These former employees Disclosed That when they attempted to strengthen security, they were rebuffed by home depot executives,including information – security chief Jeff Mitchell. Also the New York Times states. The newspaper revealed that Home Depot’s employees knew the company was at risk, even before the breach,Some members of a security team left as managers dismiss their concerns. Others wondered how Home Depot met industry standards for protecting customers data. One went so far as to warn friends to use cash, rather than credit cards, at the company stores. Again Carol if you would have done the right thing in my case instead of me having to fight it in court, you could’ve stopped all this. But customers in the long run mean nothing to you or your corporate people. In life sometimes you need to think of your customers and not your greedy pocketbook.Carol you’ve gotten letters from me.As far back as 2007,I’ve told you how much is all costed me, and now I have no retirement, no savings, and now because of you Carol,I will have to work till I either die or I can’t work no more. I feel sorry for you.In the end the judge threw out my case because my lawyer Brian Pagle of Madison Wisconsin suit under the Wisconsin consumer act, and then let Citibank off and told us that we can sue Home Depot. Wrong wrong wrong. The judge after years throughout my case because Home Depot does not issue a credit card And is not a Debt collector. To this day I can’t believe that Brian could’ve been that dumb I feel that someone got in the way of my case. Not only did we not get the cover letter sent from the Green Bay Home Depot store at 6:22 in the morning being faxed to Citibank with my hand written credit card number on top and lots of other peoples credit card information. Also my lawyer would not get copies of time cards on that day, again at 6:22 AM how many employees can really be there. I also deposition Home Depot employees, but I never found out about one employee name Susan until after my case was over. It was in my lawyers files and the letter shows that Susan was interacting with who’s credit card they transferred Over to my account. I showed The federal courts that information and they told me that’s what they were looking for, also in court the judge kept telling Brian to put up or shut up, and also that he didn’t understand federal law. Also In Rockland Texas in 2013 A employee Realized he could put a thumb drive to the side of the computer and he ran off 36,000 credit cards and sold 10,000 before he got caught. So after all of this I think Carol Tomé should be fired why should she make 5 million a year and I live week by week now until I
    what good is the OLR if they are as corrupt as the attorneys people like myself are turning in. Again how much do you think one person should put up with also the last case that’s a joke is the Home Depot case it speaks for itself.
    I could go on and on but again bad lawyers cost me everything. So after you read all these cases ask yourself what would you do.and how about my lawyers filing lawsuits on me over balances I still owe them. My lawyers though this whole lawsuit told me that we can always sue lee at the end to get all my lawyer money back. Wrong wrong wrong what they forgot is that they let Lee off the hook when they settled with Citibank. So three days before we have to go to court on Lee, both lawyers backed out. So now Lee’s lawyer file a lawsuit against me because Lee was part of the Home Depot lawsuit and you can’t sue him twice.I had to hire another lawyer to get out of this. Costing me another 10,000+ also I had to hire a lawyer to get me out of the lawsuits my lawyers file on me. Costing me again over $10,000. I turned the lawyers into the OLR again the OLR and Keith States that both lawyers did nothing wrong. What does it take to stop this crap look at the history of the OLR.out of 2000 cases Per year-turned in only a couple did the OLR do something about. I guess the other 1980+/- people you must think are just stupid and that lawyers know all. Well thanks to all of you it’s time to end this shit.I don’t know how this will end,but if I end up in your court either state or federal remember I’m there because of all of you. You gave me no choice. Sorry about the spelling. I will be giving the key to William Griesbach he is the only one that can be trusted.

    The following names
    Donald Zuidmulder
    Mark Warpinski
    Kenneth Calearts
    Bob Gagan
    Brian Pagel
    Michael Marquette
    Home Depot/ lawyers
    Citi Bank/ lawyers
    Keith Sellen
    Each one of you named are heartless just because what you do for a job does not mean that you can destroy someone else’s life. And when I mean heartless is because you don’t give a?.:;’& ,!……… Each One named above is responsible for the last 10 years of hell in my life

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    Sent from my iPad
    Sent from my iPadSent from my iPiPa

  • Suki McAvoy

    I stopped using this card when they advised me that they would no longer take 5% off. If I use my Amex card instead, I get cash back, so there is no reason for me to use it. I am not interested in their special financing offers either since I pay my balance off completely whenever I receive a statement. I never received any offers or coupons from them and whenever the friendly cashiers ask me “Is this going onto your HD credit card today?” (very annoying question) , I explain that I am not stupid.

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