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Mar 12, 2015 | Updated Jun 13, 2017

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The Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer is fairly unique among credit cards.

Instead of offering 2% or 3% cash back in a particular spending category, all purchases are awarded 1% cash back at the time of purchase, and another 1% back when those purchases are paid off, for a total of 2%. This makes it one of the most rewarding general-use rewards cards on the market.

Citi® Double Cash Card - 18 month BT offer
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Citi® Double Cash Card - 18 month BT offer

For People with
Excellent Credit

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Interest Rate: 14.24%–24.24% Variable
Quick Card Facts
  • The only card that earns you cash back twice on every purchase with: unlimited 1% cash back when you buy, plus an additional 1% cash back as you pay for those purchases*
  • 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers and Purchases for 18 months. After that, the variable APR will be 14.24%–24.24%, based on your creditworthiness*
  • There is a balance transfer fee of either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater
  • No Category Restrictions, No Caps, No Enrollments in Rotating Categories
  • No Annual Fee

Logging In To Your Account

Once you’ve been approved for this card, you can log in to your account at If you have more than one Citi card, you’ll be able to select the one you’d like.

You’ll see all of your account details, and a variety of options to view your finances, manage your account, redeem rewards, and request services.

Logging in to your Citi card.

Logging in to your Citi card.


Viewing your account details, for multiple Citi cards.

Viewing your account details, for multiple Citi cards.

The Rewards

Unlike almost every other card you’ll find, the Double Cash card provides 2% cash back in total for all purchases.

You’ll earn 1% cash back on all purchases when you initially make them, with no limit. Then, you’ll earn an additional 1% cash back when you pay for those purchases later on.

Both of these awards will apply whether you pay off your balance immediately or if you revolve a balance from month to month.

Cash back can be redeemed in increments of $25, for a check, a statement credit, or a gift card.

Fidelity Investments offers a pair of cards that also offer 2% cash back on all purchases, but with a catch. Instead of being able to do what you want with your rewards, these cards will only deposit that money in a Fidelity account. There is an American Express version and a Visa Signature version.

Citi Double Cash Credit Card Unboxing

The Benefits

The Double Cash card comes with quite a few additional benefits and protections that apply when shopping and traveling, as well as some that are meant to provide a better overall experience with the card.

A great benefit is the Concierge Service, which acts like a 24/7 personal assistant. Your concierge will help you with simple, everyday tasks like scheduling and making dining reservations, as well as more complicated travel planning. Just call 1-800-950-5114 to reach your concierge.

Another valuable service is the Citi® Private Pass®, providing VIP and presale tickets to thousands of events, including sports, luxury dining, and music.

This and other Citi cards can be loaded into the Apple Pay mobile payment system for easy, secure payments.

The Double Cash card also features Chip-and-Signature technology for better security and more accessibility when traveling abroad.

When shopping, you’ll have access to the Citi Price Rewind service, Purchase Protection, and an Extended Warranty.

  • The Citi Price Rewind will automatically search for lower prices on the items you buy, and you’ll have the option to be reimbursed for the difference in price up to $300 per purchase, and up to $1,200 per year. This lasts for 60 days.
  • Purchase Protection will cover your purchases against damage and theft, up to $1,000 per case and up to $50,000 per year. This applies for 120 days after the date of purchase; for New York residents, it applies for 90 days.
  • The Extended Warranty will add up to 1 year to the original manufacturer’s warranty, but only for warranties of 5 years or less.

On the road or in the air, you’ll receive the following three travel protections:

  • Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance covers you and your dependents for up to $250,000 in the event of an accident.
  • Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection provides reimbursement up to $1,500 per year for non-refundable travel expenses when your trip is canceled for eligible reasons.
  • Worldwide Car Rental Insurance will cover your rented vehicles against damage or theft up to $50,000 per incident. The car rental company’s own insurance must be declined for this benefit to take effect.

Losing your Double Cash card shouldn’t be much of an inconvenience because of The Lost Wallet® Service, which will replace your card quite quickly, often within 24 hours. An emergency cash advance is available quickly as well. If you ever become a victim of identity theft, Citi® Identity Theft Solutions will provide assistance by investigating your case. 

If you ever need to call customer service, you’ll be able to simply say “representative” and you’ll be transferred to a real person. You won’t be held responsible for unauthorized charges, and 24 Hour fraud protection will alert you if anything suspicious appears on your account.

The Costs

Annual Fee Intro APR for Purchases and Balance Transfers Regular APR Regular Balance Transfer APR Cash Advance APR Foreign Transaction Fee
$0 N/A for N/A 14.24%–24.24% Variable 14.24%–24.24% Variable 25.99% Variable 3%

The Fees

Penalty APR Late Fee Returned Payment Fee
Up to 29.99% Variable None for the first late payment; up to $35 after that Up to $35

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a cash back credit card, the Citi Double Cash should be a definite contender in your mind. Most other rewards credit cards offer the most cash back or points in certain categories, like gas or restaurants, with 1% cash back going to all of your other purchases.

This card is different, offering 2% cash back for all purchases, though half is awarded at the time of purchase and the other half later on when the bill is paid. With no annual fee and a zero percent introductory APR for 15 months, this card should cost you nothing at all to use as long as you follow the terms and are financially responsible.

The unique rewards structure may cause a bit of a delay in when you receive your cash back, depending on when you pay off your balance. However, this shouldn’t be a deterrent to getting the Double Cash card because the rewards on this and all credit cards should be seen as a nice bonus, and not an important piece of your financial situation. If that 1% of cash back is delayed a month or so, you shouldn’t even notice.

Do you use the Citi Double Cash Card? How do you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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