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Review of the Business Green Rewards Card from American Express: Is it worth $95?

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Brendan Harkness By Brendan Harkness Feb 19, 2018 | Updated Jan 20, 2020

(Rates & Fees)

Our rating
Min. credit level: Good
Annual Fee: $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95
Regular APR: N/A

If you’re a business owner who travels a lot, the Business Green Rewards Card from American Express may be a good card for you. However, we think you can probably get more value from some other travel cards, even if they have higher fees.

It offers up to 2X points per dollar at Amex Travel, which is less than 2% cash back as a statement credit.

Point transfers present a way to earn a better return on your spending. So it’s not the most rewarding card, but it won’t weigh down your wallet much either.

The Business Green card is a charge card, rather than a typical credit card. That means you can’t carry a balance from month to month. You have to pay your balance off in full every billing period.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading to see if this card might be right for you.

Business Green Rewards Card from American Express

Business Green Rewards Card from American Express

Our rating
Min. credit levelGood
(Rates & Fees)
Annual Fee$0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95
Regular APRN/A
Apply Now

securely on the issuer's website

American Express is a Credit Card Insider advertiser.

Our Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

We gave this card 2 out of 5 Stars because it doesn’t provide much value for the fee, in our opinion.

Why we like this card

  • Membership rewards points can be redeemed in a wide variety of ways.
  • You can get free employee cards to distribute.

The Business Green Rewards card is pretty basic. Check out some alternatives below for some other business card options, including a more rewarding Amex business card.

Why this card could be better

  • Bonus categories leave something to be desired.
  • Other travel cards can provide a better overall value for the fee.
  • Foreign transactions will be charged a fee of 2.7% (Rates & Fees). And Amex doesn’t have great acceptance outside the U.S.
  • You’ll only get some basic business benefits with this card, along with some shopping and travel protections.

Insider Advice: Using This Card as Part of Your Credit Card Strategy

  • Use this card to book travel arrangements through the Amex Travel service to earn points for every purchase. If you won’t do that very often, a different business card might be better for you.
  • Redeeming your points for flights or gift cards are typically the easiest methods, and can provide a good value for your points. But you can potentially get even more through point transfers.
  • You have to pay your balance in full every billing period with this card. So be sure not to charge more than you can pay back in that time.
  • The Business Green card has an annual fee , so be sure to use it enough each year to make it worth it.
  • This card’s bonus category only provides 2X points per dollar. But you can find more deals at certain retailers through the Amex Offers service.
  • Your credit limit will change over time. It’s based on your card activity, credit, financial situation, and other factors.
  • This card can improve your business credit because Amex will report your card activity to a business credit bureau.
  • You can get up to 99 employee versions of this card. There’s no charge, and you can set individual spending limits. Those cards will all earn rewards too.
  • Be aware that business cards are different in some ways from regular consumer cards.

The Rewards

This card can provide the equivalent of up to 2% cash back when you use the normal redemption methods. Or if you use a point transfer, you can potentially get over 3% cash back.


  • 2X Membership Rewards points per dollar on eligible purchases from Amex Travel
  • 1X Membership Rewards point per dollar on all other purchases

The Business Green Rewards card is meant for general travel spending through Amex Travel. If you’re interested in cards designed for one particular airline or hotel, see some alternatives like that below.


You’ll get Membership Rewards points with this card, which can be redeemed in many different ways.

Your basic options are:

  • Normal redemption methods (flights, hotel reservations, gift cards, point of sale): 0.5–1.0 cents per point, up to 2% cash back equivalent
  • Point transfer to frequent traveler loyalty program: highly variable cash back, equal to over 3% in some cases
  • Statement credit: 0.6 cents per point, up to 1.2% cash back equivalent

The value you get for your points will vary. The normal methods mentioned above are generally a good way to redeem your points because you can get the equivalent of up to 2% cash back. But point transfers can potentially provide more than that when you transfer to a valuable partner loyalty program. Statement credits will be a poor option so we recommend avoiding them with this card.

If you can transfer your points to a frequent traveler program, that will be best. But some cardholders may not be able to do this very easily. If that’s the case, the normal redemption methods provide quite a few options that will give you a pretty good value for your points.

We’ll go over some examples of the normal redemption methods, showing what you can get for your points. And then we’ll go over a couple of point transfer examples to an airline and a hotel. In these examples we’ll assume that you’re trading in 10,000 Membership Rewards points, unless otherwise noted.

The cash back equivalent you get on any redemption will depend on how you earned your points, so we show ranges below. If you earn at a rate of 2X points per dollar, you’ll get the higher end of the range. If you’re only getting 1X point per dollar, you’ll get the lower end of the range.


When redeeming for travel expenses you’ll have several options, but the most valuable is for airline flights. The main way is to redeem through American Express Travel, though there are a couple other travel services you can use as well. You’ll be able to redeem 10,000 points in the following ways.

Redemption Method Travel Service Redemption Value Point Value (in cents) Cash Back Equivalent
Find Flights Amex Travel $100 1.0 1.0%–2.0%
Reserve Prepaid Hotels Amex Travel $70 0.7 0.7%–1.4%
Plan Vacations Amex Travel $70 0.7 0.7%–1.4%
Take Cruises Amex Travel $70 0.7 0.7%–1.4%
Airbnb Bookings Airbnb $70 0.7 0.7%–1.4%
Flights and Hotels on Expedia Expedia $70 0.7 0.7%–1.4%

Transferring to Loyalty Programs

Membership Rewards points can be transferred to different airline and hotel loyalty programs. The Plenti retail program is included too.

We’ll go over the basics of point transfers, and then provide two real-world examples: one showing a good deal, and one showing a poor deal.

Most transfers are at a 1:1 rate, though some are different. And there are also limited-time offers and special deals occasionally. There’s a fee of $0.0006 per point when transferring to U.S. airlines, with no charge for any other transfers. And different programs will allow you to transfer points in different increments, like 500 points at a time or 1,000 points at a time.

Here are some example programs, along with their transfer rates and a point conversion example. Take note that offers may change.

Loyalty Program Type Transfer Rate You Give You Get
Aeroplan® Airline 1:1.6 1,000 1,600
ANA Mileage Club Airline 1:1 1,000 1,000
Flying Blue® Award Miles  Airline 1:1 1,000 1,000
Delta Air Lines Airline 1:1 1,000 1,000
Hawaiian Airlines® Airline  1:.8 1,000 800
Choice Privileges® Hotel 1:1 1,000 1,000
Hilton Honors™ Hotel 1:2 1,000 2,000
Starwood Preferred Guest Hotel 1:.33 1,000 333
Plenti Retail  1:1 1,000 1,000

Let’s go through some examples to illustrate the potential value of Membership Rewards points after you convert them to a frequent traveler program. Keep in mind that there are many factors that influence the price of flights and hotel rooms. They include time of year, demand, availability, and special events. Airlines and hotel chains offer special deals and packages pretty frequently, as well. All of this will affect the value you get from your points.

While the following are actual real-world examples, the point transfer values you find for your flights and rooms may differ from what we show here. If you’re interested in cards that are co-branded with one particular airline or hotel, see some options like that below.

Good Value — JetBlue TrueBlue Points

To see how point transfers work, imagine you want to take a JetBlue flight. We’ll fly from Sacramento, California, to Seattle, Washington, on Thursday, February 22.

The cheapest seat for this flight (a “Blue” level seat) would cost $328. You could also get that seat for 22,700 TrueBlue points, along with $5.60 in taxes and fees.

So how much would you need to spend with the Business Green card to earn this seat?

You’ll need to earn 22,800 points for this transfer, because TrueBlue requires you to transfer in increments of 250. That will require $11,400 in spending at the 2X rate. If  you earn at the 1X rate, it will require more spending. Once you have the Membership Rewards points, you can transfer them to TrueBlue points.

In addition, this transfer will have a fee of $17.10. This is because transfers to U.S. airlines cost $0.0006 per point.

So in this example, you spend $11,400 to earn the points. When you add in the airline and transfer fees, that comes to a total of $11,422.70 spent. That gets you a seat valued at $328.

That means you’ll have an effective cash back rate of 2.87%. That’s pretty good, better than what you could get with the normal redemption methods above. And you’ll have 100 miles left over for next time.

Poor Value — Starwood Preferred Guest Starpoints

For an example of a bad point transfer, let’s consider what happens after you get to Seattle in the previous example. Say you want to book one night at a hotel through the Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty program.

You’ll be staying in a traditional room at the Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Seattle Center. This room would typically cost $142. Or, you could get it by trading 10,000 Starpoints.

How much do you need to spend to get 10,000 Starpoints? Well, you’ll have to transfer at a rate of 1:.33 with Starpoints. That means you’ll need to earn a total of 31,000 Membership Reward points, which you can transfer for 10,323 Starpoints.

To earn those Membership Reward points, you’ll need to spend $15,500 when earning at the 2X rate. Then you can convert them into the Starpoints you need, and book the room.

In this example you spend $15,500 to get a room valued at $142. That means you’ll only be getting an equivalent cash back of 0.92%. That’s not very good compared to your other options. In this case you would’ve been better off with a normal redemption method where you could get 2% back.

There are other deals from SPG that could be much more valuable. But for this particular room, you don’t end up getting much back for what you have to spend.

How to Offset the Annual Fee

You’ll have a $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95 with this card, so you should be sure to use it enough to offset that fee .

You can do that by earning enough points to equal the cost. We’ve found that this will require a minimum of $3,167 in purchases from Amex Travel per year.

The amount you’ll need to spend will depend on two things:

  1. the rate that you earn points: 2X per dollar, or 1X
  2. the value you get per point when you redeem them

Earning at the 2X rate and redeeming for a good value will get you there fastest. If you earn at the 1X rate and use a poor redemption method it will take much longer to get there.

The following table shows how much you’ll need to spend to offset the annual fee in a variety of ways. You can see how much you’ll need to spend at each rate to reach the equivalent of $95. Most people will have a mix of spending, of course, so it won’t be so clear cut as this. But you can use this as a guide to see how much you’ll need to spend to earn those points.

Good Redemption Value
2X points 1X point
Normal Methods: 1 cent per point  $4,750 $9,500
Point Transfer: 1.5 cents per point $3,167 $6,334
Statement Credit: 0.6 cents per point $7,917 $15,834

As you can see, redeeming for good point transfers will require the least amount of spending. It’s just $3,167 per year, as long as you earn at the 2X rate. The normal redemption methods will cost more. And if you redeem for statement credits it will take even more spending to offset the annual fee.

This is a good redemption example, but remember that if you redeem in some ways you’ll get a lower value for your points. This could happen if you choose a normal redemption method that only offers 0.5 cents per point. Or if you make a point transfer that only grants 1 cent per point or less, for example.

So, no matter what rate you earn points at, redeem them for the best value you can get. And if there are no options that seem particularly appealing, you can hold on to your points until you see something you like.

The Benefits

Reports to Business Credit Bureaus

All American Express business credit cards will report your card activity to the credit bureaus in the same way. They let you improve your business credit, although there are also consequences for irresponsible behavior.

As long as your account is in positive standing, the activity will be reported to Small Business Finance Exchange. This is a large and commonly-used business credit reporting bureau.

But if your account enters a negative status, such as having unpaid collections or unpaid charge-offs, the activity will be reported to other bureaus. An account with a negative status will be reported to:

  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • TransUnion

So your positive activity will be reported to one business credit bureau. But your negative activity will be reported to a different business credit bureau, plus the typical consumer credit reporting agencies.

This means you can use the Business Green Rewards card to improve your business credit, but not your personal credit. However, you can still hurt your personal credit with it. For a different card that reports positive activity to more business credit bureaus, see the Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business (Review).

No Preset Spending Limit

This card has no preset spending limit, which does not mean you can spend an unlimited amount.

Instead, this means that your purchasing power will adjust over time. It will change based on your card activity, payment history, credit record, and other financial resources.

Employee Cards

You can get up to 99 employee cards, and they will all be free. Individual spending limits can be set for the cards. Take note that there are certain purchases where the spending limit won’t apply, like restaurant tips and extended hotel stays.

The primary cardholder is responsible for all charges made to the account. The card activity will not affect the credit of employees using copies of the card.

Account Manager

Designate a trusted Account Manager to manage your Business Green Rewards account. Must be at least 18 years old.

American Express Business App

A tool to help manage your spending throughout the year. Allows you to add receipts and notes to transactions, making tax time easier.

Connect to QuickBooks®

Provides an easy way to label and transfer your transaction data into a QuickBooks account.

Amex Offers

You’ll have access to discounts at a wide variety of merchants — currently there are about 80 different offers available, and the selection changes now and then.

You just need to head to the Amex Offers program and click ‘Add to Card’ for the deals you want. Then, just use your card as you normally would to make a purchase with that merchant. Your savings will appear as a statement credit later on, reducing your account balance. You may or may not earn additional rewards at the regular rate — this will depend on the particular offer.

Many of the deals can be quite valuable, saving you from $5 up through more than $100 for some of them. For most of them, you’ll need to spend a certain amount to get a certain discount. Some of the current offers include:

Merchant Need to Spend Cash Back Maximum Savings
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurants $30 $10 33.33%
NBA Store $75 $25 33.33%
HelloFresh $50 $15 30%
Robert Graham $200 $50 25%
SimplySafe Home Security $400 $100 25%
Studio Movie Grill $50 $10 25%
ContactsDirect $150 $30 20% $50 $10 20%
Zeel Massage On Demand $100 $20 20%

There are many fantastic deals waiting to be had here, though many other credit card issuers will offer a similar service. For example, Chase provides the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, Bank of America has its BankAmeriDeals offers, and Citi has the EasyDeals service. You’ll find a range of discounts in all of them.

Save 10% on Some Utilities

Occasionally you’ll be given the opportunity to save 10% on your cable, satellite TV, and/or cell phone bills. Just find the offer and click ‘Add to Card,’ and then use your card to pay for the utility as normal.

Tier One Program

Some businesses will be eligible for the Tier One Program from American Express. This comes with benefits that are “designed to streamline and enhance the business’s experience with American Express.”

At the beginning of every year, American Express will select businesses out of the pool of eligible candidates at its own discretion. Meeting the following criteria does not mean you’ll be selected.

To be eligible for the Tier One Program, a business must:

  • Be named on one or more U.S.-issued business charge cards or corporate cards from Amex
  • Have made eligible purchases totaling $5 million or more during the previous year on those cards
  • Have its billing address in the United States
  • Not have been enrolled in any Amex hardship program or have any transitional recovery products from Amex during the previous year
  • Not have any business or corporate card that has been 30 days or more past due in the previous year

Additional guidelines and limitations apply. Check your card’s Guide to Benefits for more details.

Entertainment Access

This benefit, also called Membership Experiences, provides pre-sale tickets to a variety of sports, music, and cultural events, as well as access to certain exclusive experiences. You’ll be able to search by interest, artist, event, or venue.

When this review was written, one available offer was preferred seating at Moulin Rouge! The Musical in Boston, MA. Many theater and live performance offers like this are included.

Another, more expensive offer is an experience with the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team. For $320, cardholders can attend a pre-game dinner reception with two famous, former players: Denis Savard and Éric Dazé. Then you’ll get a 100-level seat to watch the team play St. Louis, along with an autographed puck from a current player.

Lowest Hotel Rates Guaranteed

If you book an eligible prepaid hotel room through Amex Travel and then find the same room being advertised online for a lower price, you can be refunded for the difference. You must submit your claim before the check-in date, and be sure to check your card details because some restrictions apply.

American Express Personal Loans

Cardholders have the opportunity to apply for a loan through American Express (but only if they have been pre-approved). Loans are offered from $3,500 to $25,000, with fixed interest rates from as low as 6.90% up to 19.97%.

Other Benefits and Perks

We’ve only described some of the most interesting benefits here, but this card comes with some others as well. For the most part, they are protections like:

  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Baggage Insurance Plan
  • Purchase Protection
  • Extended Warranty
  • Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance
  • Fraud Protection

These aren’t the most valuable benefits. But they could help out if you need them sometime. Check out the full set of benefits for the Amex Business Green Rewards card for more.

The Costs & Fees

Regular Purchase APR Balance Transfer APR Cash Advance APR
N/A None None
Annual Fee Foreign Transaction Fee
$0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95  2.7%
Late Fee Returned Payment Fee
$39 or 2.99% of any past due Pay in Full amount, whichever is greater. Up to $39

With charge cards like this, you have to pay your entire balance in full each billing period. That’s why there are no interest rates shown. You can’t use this card for balance transfers or cash advances.

As long as you use this card responsibly, all you’ll need to pay is the annual fee . And you can offset that with a reasonable amount of spending each year.

Customer Support

Phone Support

Business Green Rewards Application Line 1-888-781-6736
Amex Business Customer Support 1-800-492-3344
Pay Bill by Phone 1-800-472-9297
Check Application Status 1-800-567-1085
Credit Bureau Unit 1-800-874-2717

Customer support at American Express is always there if you need help or have questions about your card.

We’ve called them on several occasions seeking information about their cards. In most cases we’ve found answers pretty quickly, and their reps seemed friendly and knowledgeable.

Sometimes our call would take a little while, however. Or we came away not very confident in the information we got. But in general we haven’t had an issue, and were satisfied. Compared to some other credit card issuers they don’t waste too much of your time, if any.

Every year, J.D. Power conducts their U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Survey. Amex has always come in either first or second, since the survey began in 2007. In 2017 it came in first, topping its chief rival in this survey, Discover.

Web Support

The American Express website is usually pretty intuitive to navigate. You’ll generally be able to find the card you want easily.

The main features of the Business Green Rewards card are displayed prominently. By scrolling around the page and reading through the sections, you’ll be able to get a good idea of what the card is all about. Some of the benefits seem to be categorized and ordered in a bit of an odd way. But overall this doesn’t really take away from the main points of the page.

The Bottom Line

The Business Green Rewards Card from American Express is a fairly simple card, compared to some others.

For a low annual fee, it gives small business owners a way to earn rewards for booking through Amex Travel. If you make a lot of trips for your business and tend to use a variety of airlines and hotels when you do, this rewards program would suit you. It also reports to a business credit bureau, giving you a way to build your business’s credit.

It’s not the most rewarding card, only offering 2X points per dollar at most. But those are Membership Rewards points, which can be redeemed in a wide variety of ways.

The extra benefits are decent, a cut above the basic shopping and travel protections that most cards come with. The Amex Offers can sometimes be quite valuable, if you have an opportunity to use them.

Although you won’t be racking up tons of points and enjoying luxurious benefits, this card may be a good option for some people, if you don’t want to pay a large fee. But there are other card offers that provide better rewards and benefits, even for the same fee. For some similar business cards, with different reward programs and benefits, see our alternative choices below.

How to Apply for the Business Green Rewards Card

You can apply for this card securely on the American Express website. You’ll need to be an authorized officer for your business, responsible for managing finances.

To apply, you’ll need your personal and business information. For corporations and partnerships, you’ll also need to provide your Federal Tax ID (the same as your Employer Identification Number, or EIN).

American Express will check your credit reports with the three major credit bureaus when you apply.

Business Green Rewards Card from American Express

Business Green Rewards Card from American Express

Our rating
Min. credit levelGood
(Rates & Fees)
Annual Fee$0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95
Regular APRN/A
Apply Now

securely on the issuer's website

American Express is a Credit Card Insider advertiser.

Alternatives to the Business Green Rewards Card

It won’t be hard to find a better card than the Business Green Rewards; take a gander at some of our favorites below.


American Express® Business Gold Card

American Express® Business Gold Card

Our rating
Min. credit levelGood
(Rates & Fees)
Annual Fee$295
Regular APR15.74–23.74% Variable
Apply Now

securely on the issuer's website

American Express is a Credit Card Insider advertiser.

The American Express® Business Gold Card (Review) is an upgrade from the Business Green card. It has a higher annual fee at $295 (Rates & Fees).

By paying more you’ll get a better reward program:

Spending Rewards
  • 4X Membership Rewards points per dollar in the two categories you spend the most in each month, up to $150,000 per year (then 1X):
    • Airfare purchased directly from airlines
    • U.S. purchases for advertising in select media
    • U.S. computer hardware, software, and cloud computing purchases made directly from select providers
    • U.S. purchases for shipping
    • U.S. purchases at gas stations
    • U.S. purchases at restaurants
  • 1X Membership Rewards point per dollar on all other purchases
Introductory Bonus Offer
  • 35,000 bonus points for spending $5,000 in the first 3 months

So you’ll have more opportunities to earn Membership Rewards points with this card. You’ll earn 4X points in the two categories that your business spends the most in each month, making this a very flexible card. As the needs of your business change throughout the year, spending more or less on certain types of purchases, this card adapts alongside it.

Both of these cards have all the same redemption options. That means with the Business Gold card you can earn up to the equivalent of 4% cash back with the normal redemption methods. And point transfers could provide the equivalent of as much as 8% back or more, depending on the transfer.

There’s yet another step up in this line of Amex business cards: The Business Platinum® Card from American Express (Review). It’s more expensive at $595 per year (Rates & Fees). It doesn’t have business-specific bonus categories, but it does offer a way to earn more points on travel:

  • 5X Membership Rewards points per dollar on flights and prepaid hotels on the American Express Travel website
  • 2X Membership Rewards points per dollar on other eligible purchases from the American Express Travel website
  • 1.5X Membership Rewards points per dollar on eligible purchases of $5,000 or more
  • 1X Membership Rewards point per dollar on all other purchases

If you’re willing to pay the fee you’ll be able to earn quite a lot of points with this card. Eligible flight redemptions get a 35% point bonus, which means you can earn the equivalent of up to 6.75% cash back with this card through that method. Point transfers could yield a cash back equivalent of 10% or perhaps more. And there are quite a few nice benefits to take advantage of as well, mostly related to travel.


Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card

Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card

Our rating
Min. credit levelExcellent
Annual Fee$95
Regular APR17.49% - 22.49% Variable

The Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card (Review) has a $95 annual fee. And you’ll get four bonus reward categories for that price:

  • 5X Ultimate Rewards points per dollar on Lyft rides (through March 2020)
  • 3X Ultimate Rewards points per dollar on the first $150,000 spent per year on:
    • travel
    • shipping purchases
    • Internet, cable, and phone services
    • Advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines
  • 1X Ultimate Rewards point per dollar on all other purchases
  • Introductory bonus: 80,000 bonus points for spending $5,000 in the first 3 months after account opening
  • 25% point bonus when you redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards

So you can earn points on travel expenses, just like with the Amex card. But the Chase card’s bonus category is more broad, covering all travel expenses rather than just those on Amex Travel. And you’ll also get several other business-related categories to earn points in.

The 25% point bonus is a great feature. That means when you redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards, you can get the equivalent of 3.75% cash back when you’re earning at the 3X rate. And you’ll get the equivalent of 1.25% cash back when earning at the 1X rate.

The intro bonus for the Chase card is much better than the Amex, which would only provide 5,000 points. The Amex bonus is much easier to get, however, only requiring a single purchase of any amount. But since you’re probably going to be spending with the card anyway, the bonus from Chase is generally more useful. Those 80,000 points can be worth $1,000 when redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Both cards allow you to transfer your points to frequent traveler programs. And many of the same programs are included for both cards. But you may end up getting a different value when transferring because the exchange rates may not always be the same for these cards.

The Business Green card has the better perks and benefits. The Ink Business Preferred has some basic protections for shopping and traveling, like most cards. But there isn’t much in the way of business-specific benefits.

The Chase card has more flexible bonus categories that will let you earn points on a variety of business expenses. But if you want Amex’s Membership Reward points and other benefits, the Green Rewards card would be for you.

Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business

Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business

Our rating
Min. credit levelGood
Annual Fee$0 intro for first year; $95 after that
Regular APR18.49% Variable

The Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business (Review) is a simple card with a different kind of rewards program from the ones mentioned above.

Instead of bonus reward categories, cardholders get:

  • 2% cash back on every purchase, with no limit
  • Introductory bonus:
    • $500 cash bonus for spending $5,000 in the first 3 months from account opening
    • $1,500 cash bonus for spending $50,000 in the first 6 months from account opening

If you hate thinking about which card to use for which purchases to earn the most points, the Spark Cash provides an easy way to earn cash back on every purchase.

The 2% cash back is pretty competitive among cards like these. And it’s equal to what you can get with the Amex card through the normal redemption methods. But you won’t be able to transfer your rewards to any loyalty programs with the Capital One card. You’ll just get your 2% back as a statement credit. So if you travel often you could benefit more from the Amex card, by transferring your points to whichever frequent traveler program you like best.

The Spark Cash has an annual fee of $95, waived the first year. It’s is available at the Visa Signature level, which provides better-than-average card perks. These are mostly centered around traveling (especially staying at hotels) and shopping.

Capital One reports business card activity to more business credit bureaus than most other credit card issuers. They’ll report business card activity to Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Small Business Financial Exchange. This is more than Amex, which will only report positive activity to Small Business Financial Exchange.

For small business owners who make a variety of purchases, this card makes it easy to earn 2% back on all of them. If you don’t like being restricted to the Amex Travel site to earn 2X points, the Spark Cash would be one to consider.


Airline and Hotel Business Credit Cards

The Business Green Card offers 2X points at Amex Travel, so you can use it with any airline, hotel, or travel service they include. But if you prefer one airline or hotel brand over everything else, a co-branded card might be right for you.

There are many valuable business cards that are co-branded with airlines or hotels. Cards like these are made to be used with that specific brand, and are less useful elsewhere.

Take a look at the following airline and hotel business cards as examples. There are many others like them.

Airline Business Credit Card

The CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard® (Review) has a $99 annual fee that’s waived the first year.

This card is co-branded with American Airlines, and offers:

  • 2X American Airlines AAdvantage® points per dollar on:
    • American Airlines purchases
    • telecommunications
    • car rental merchants
    • gas stations
  • 1X American Airlines AAdvantage® point per dollar on all other purchases
  • Introductory bonus: 70,000 bonus points for spending $4,000 in the first 4 months after account opening

American Airlines purchases get 2X, but you’ll also get that rate on several business-related expenses as well. That’s a pretty good rewards program, relatively speaking.

You’ll usually be able to redeem your points for at least 1 cent each with this card. So you’ll be getting the equivalent of at least 2% cash back when you earn at the 2X rate. And 1% cash back when spending at the 1X rate. Many deals can be even better than that thanks to the Reduced Mileage Award, which reduces the mile requirement by up to 7,500 miles on eligible flights.

Besides the points you can earn, the other reason to have a card like this is for the benefits it provides at American Airlines. The CitiBusiness card provides Group 5 preferred boarding, which is directly after priority boarding and before economy. You’ll also get your first checked bag free. And an annual companion certificate for every year in which you spend at least $30,000 in purchases.

Hotel Business Credit Card

Take The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card (Review), which has an annual fee of $95.

This card provides a ton of points at Hilton properties. But those points are worth a bit less than points from other reward programs. So it tends to even out, making this a good card but not as incredible as it might seem at first glance.

  • 12X Hilton Honors Bonus points per dollar for eligible purchases charged on your Card directly with a hotel or resort within the Hilton Portfolio
  • 6X Hilton Honors Bonus points per dollar for:
    • U.S. gas stations
    • U.S. purchases for shipping
    • wireless telephone services purchased directly from U.S. providers
  • 3X Hilton Honors Bonus points per dollar on all other purchases
  • Introductory bonus: 125,000 bonus points for spending $3,000 in 3 months

So you’ll wind up with a whole lot of Hilton Honors points with this card. But it will also cost quite a few of them when you go to redeem, so it balances out. The welcome bonus for this card is pretty generous, so be sure to make use of it.

Cardholders get complimentary Hilton Honors Gold status with this card, which will make stays more comfortable. This provides room upgrades when available, an 80% point bonus on eligible Hilton purchases, and a variety of complimentary services.

There are also Weekend Night Rewards available for spending a certain amount each year. You’ll get one for spending $15,000 in a calendar year, and another for spending a total of $60,000 in a year. If you spend $40,000 per year you’ll get Hilton Honors Diamond status for the next year, an upgrade from Gold with even better perks. And 10 passes for Priority Pass Select airport lounges are available every year.

This card can make traveling and staying at Hilton hotels a bit cheaper and more comfortable. But if you don’t tend to stay with Hilton and end up at a variety of properties, a general-use card like the Business Green Rewards might be better for you.

Business Green Rewards Card from American Express

Business Green Rewards Card from American Express

Our rating
Min. credit levelGood
(Rates & Fees)
Annual Fee$0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95
Regular APRN/A
Apply Now

securely on the issuer's website

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