Infographic: Mom’s Annual Salary

We all already know the real value of Mom is utterly priceless. While they spend a considerable amount of their time each week assuming the title of chauffeur, cook, nurse, stylist, housekeeper, social worker, teacher and many other critical roles in supporting their family, we all get to kick back and reap the benefits. Wouldn’t it be fun to see what a stay at home mom should be getting paid?A-Moms-Annual-SalarySo go ahead moms, get down with your loving, nurturing, supportive, bad selves — you deserve it!Do you think the stated $59,862.30 annual salary is accurate? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on your blog!Like this infographic? Share your thoughts on your own blog and use the code below to embed it in your post: 

  • Brittany Barrigar

    Being a mother is naturally a priceless occupation. Give me Wine, Chocolate, and Foot Rubs over any paycheck ! Mommas make the world go round and we have the best job there is. But on a more serious not I do believe that the estimated annual salary is fairly accurate based on the average earnings of each employment opportunity. I would hope quartly reviews and raises would be an option :) A mother works multiple jobs per day and her job is never fully done. Even when her children are grown and have families of their own. Great Job Jenny !

    • JennyCreno

      Quarterly reviews and raises are incorporated with every other job, so I do not see why they wouldn’t apply here! And it couldn’t be more true that a mother’s job is never truly done. Great feedback, Brittany, thank you!

  • Missy Homemaker

    This is one of the best ‘job comparisons’ I’ve seen for a SAHM. Of course it would differ with each family-a homeschooling mom for instance would spend much more time in the teacher’s salary and less perhaps in the childcare area. I wonder why some women feel their annual salary value is so low? (I mean c’mon. Under $10,000?0 I think I should definitely be paid 6 figures! :) (But $60 grand is pretty accurate).

    • JennyCreno

      Thank you for your feedback! I couldn’t agree more that certain moms would make more depending on what area of expertise they are in most. My mom probably would have spent a lot of time in a relationship therapist’s salary while I was in my teens! :)

  • Education 4 Children

    Wow! Makes me feel much better. Thank you.

  • keleolisa

    Pointless exercise. Don’t understand the attempts of SAHMs to justify their decisions not to work by comparing their day-to-day activities to working mothers. It’s a personal decision. Make it and live with it. Or change it. Who cares? SAHMs are great and add stability to a home, raise well-adjusted kids. Working mothers bring home the bacon, because who cares about stability if your tummy’s grumbling. To each her own.No need to do any cross analysis, unless you’re taking individuals and analyzing the opportunity cost of a trained professional in a certain leaving her job to care for a home. Makes much more sense than assigning financial values to regular household tasks.

    • KOCardInsider

      Working mothers are very important to the home environment for numerous reasons. In other homes, SAHMs work just as hard and we thought it’d be fun to run some numbers and see what a salary could look like.

      • keleolisa

        Gotcha. I know it sounds like a rant (maybe it is). You’ve got to admit there’s a wider conversation out there where mothers on both sides feel pressured to justify their decisions to people outside their homes. Just find it tiring.

  • manvsmommy

    I love this!!! Puts it into perspective!!!

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