Walmart® MasterCard

This is a card designed to earn rewards at Walmart, and also earn rewards other places you shop.

To login and make a payment or manage your account online, go to this website.

You may want a different card instead

This is a store-branded card with lots of bad reviews. You may be able to get better rewards and terms with a cash back credit card that isn't for a specific store.

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Where can I use my Walmart® MasterCard?

You can use this card anywhere MasterCard credit cards are accepted, which is pretty much anywhere credit cards are accepted. Walmart offers another card, the Walmart Credit Card, which can only be used at Walmart and Sam’s Club. Check out our review and comparison of both of these cards in our Review of the Walmart Credit Card and Walmart MasterCard.

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Quick View

  • Rewards
    • 3% cash back at Walmart, Sam’s Club, and their websites
    • 2% cash back on fuel at Walmart gas stations and Murphy USA gas stations (excluding Murphy Express)
    • 1% cash back everywhere else
  • Signup Bonus 10% discount on a Walmart purchase on the day you're approved (up to $250)
  • Chip Technology Chip-and-Signature
  • Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
  • Intro Balance Transfer APR -
  • Regular Balance Transfer APR -
  • Cash Advance APR 20.15%, 23.15%, or 26.15% *Variable
  • Penalty APR See Terms
  • Late Fee Up to $35
  • Returned Payment Fee See Terms

Card Benefits

Check your card's Guide to Benefits to learn the specific benefits your card offers and how to access them. Learn more about credit card benefits here.


  • Free FICO® Credit Score

    Access your credit score online at any time.

  • Additional Users

    Add additional family members at no cost.

  • Special Financing Offers

    6 or 12-month special financing offers.

  • MasterCard Benefits

    This card comes with MasterCard benefits. You will be provided with a list of benefits available to you once you get approved for your card.


  • Fraud Protection

    You will not be held responsible for unauthorized charges made on your card.

Visitor Reviews

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Average rating:  
 22 reviews
by BCT
WalMart Mastercard

I get cash back to use at WalMart on any purchase anywhere. I make sure to pay my balance each and every month, before the interest is calculated. I never use it for more than I can afford. As long as it is used sensibly and not recklessly; as long as you keep in mind what you can and can't afford, this card can and will work for you. (This is true of almost any credit card.) The accumulated amounts can be quite helpful.


Only used it for the cash back. Done with it.Inconvenient.Paid in full every month. $900 limit. Made 700+ payment on 3/8. Cleared bank. Posted to account on 3/8.On 3/14 It DENIED my purchase of $400. So I check on the computer, shows ZERO BALANCE and only $125 available. Six days after payment clears, I call customer service who tells me it should be available by tomorrow, but if not, I can call back. I won't waste my time. Not worth the 1%

by Scott
Walmart Credit Card

Eh, we use it all month for the discounted gas and some groceries we cannot find at our HEB food stores. Once and a while online shopping as well. At the end of the month I pay it off. I know not everyone is blessed to be able to do this, so we are fortunate for that.The really cool part of this card is, when you add an authorized user, they get their own card for themselves. That means if my teens are out and need gas, or we need something picked up for dinner, they can get it for us. It helps track their necessary spending monthly, and is an added comfort feeling for me. It also keeps them from needing to borrow my debit card, and then forget where they put mine is now....not a bad card, hell all card companies want to be paid back, just be careful not to spend what you cannot afford....

by Debra

Living in Hawaii, time difference caused me to get a payment in late. A fee was charged. Then, a weekend hit before I had money in the bank. Another late fee charged. I was in good standing until then. They took of one charge but instead of giving me credit, added it to interest fees at the end. All they had to do was work with me on those two changes and everything would be up to date and fine. Now, they're harassing me up to 6 times a day even though I continue to make payments. I would very much like to get back on track but they're making it impossible to do so. Stay away from this card!

by Chandra Wilkes
Worst Customer Service Ever

I got the card to build my credit and worst mistake Ive ever made. Ive had nothing but trouble with it since Ive had it.All of my orders online that Ive tried to make in the past week keep getting canceled for some reason and every time it happens they still take the $$ off my card. Every time Ive had to contact them to get the $$ back on my card has been HELL they have no idea or clue what is going on.Im to the point where my card is about to get cut up and shredded. So frustrating 😡😡😡

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