Walmart® Credit Card

Walmart® Credit Card

For People with
Fair Credit


The Walmart Credit Card and Walmart® Mastercard are currently transitioning to a new rewards program, and will be issued by Capital One. You can apply for the new cards starting September 24th, 2019. If you have one of the current Walmart cards, your account will be automatically converted on October 11, 2019.

For no annual fee, the Walmart Credit Card provides 3% cash back at, and 2% back at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations. Only 1% cash back is provided for in-store Walmart purchases.

To pay your bill or manage your account online, log in to this website.

You may want a different card instead

This is a store-branded card with lots of bad reviews. You may be able to get better rewards and terms with a cash back credit card that isn't for a specific store.

Cash Back Cards

Where can I use my Walmart® Credit Card?

The Walmart Credit Card can only be used at these locations:

  • Walmart Stores
  • Walmart Supercenters
  • Walmart gas stations
  • Murphy USA gas stations
  • Neighborhood Markets
  • Sam’s Clubs (active Sam’s Club membership required)

If you’re looking for a card you can use at Walmart and everywhere else you shop, check out the Walmart Mastercard.

Check out our review and comparison of both of these cards in our Review of the Walmart Credit Card and Walmart Mastercard.

Card Quick Facts

Card Quick Facts

  • 3% cash back at
  • 2% cash back at Walmart gas stations and Murphy USA gas stations
  • 1% cash back everywhere else this card is accepted
  • No annual fee
  • Fraud protection
  • Free FICO Credit Score
Walmart® Credit Card

For People with
Fair Credit



Manage My Card

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Card Details



  • 3% cash back at
  • 2% cash back on fuel at Walmart gas stations and Murphy USA gas stations (excluding Murphy Express)
  • 1% cash back anywhere else this card is accepted
How to Redeem

Introductory Bonus

  • $25 statement credit after spending at least $75 at Walmart within the first 24 hours of account opening
Card Stats

Card Stats

Annual Fee $0
Additional Cards Annual Fee -
Regular Purchase APR 25.15% Variable
Intro Purchase APR -
Foreign Transaction Fee -
Chip Technology Chip-and-Signature & Chip-and-PIN
Minimum Credit Limit -
Maximum Credit Limit -
Free Credit Score No
Penalty APR None
Late Fee Up to $38
Returned Payment Fee -
Balance Transfers

Balance Transfers

Intro Balance Transfer APR -
Regular Balance Transfer APR -
Balance Transfer Fee -
Cash Advances

Cash Advances

Cash Advance APR -
Cash Advance Fee -

Card Benefits

Check your card’s Guide to Benefits to learn the specific benefits your card offers and how to access them.

  • Free FICO® Credit Score

    Access your credit score online at any time.

  • Fraud Protection

    You will not be held responsible for unauthorized charges made on your card.

Visitor Reviews

Read about experiences others have had with this card and leave your own review here.

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Average rating:  
 57 reviews
by sid
Damaged my credit because of their mistake

Their employee entered application while looking at my IDs. Either that employee entered my wrong address and phone, or their system changed, Never got the card. they told me that i will get 25-30 bonus for getting walmart card, but their is some trick behind it. They probably tried to contact me at wrong address and phone, and later reported to credit bureau. Found out after 2 years when I pulled credit report.

by E.
I Don’t write reviews, it’s that bad.

Literally the worst card experience ever. The card was compromised on the second day of having the thing. Random 450$ charge from nowhere. Used it once, paid the entire balance within days and I end up with a 90$ credit limit. Was $500. Literally a mess. Customer service has to be curt because they are made to defend ridiculous statements. Don’t do it. Like the title says I don’t write reviews, don’t do this to yourself. I canceled the account within two months and took the hit. Rather see a card cancellation on the credit than have this card very possibly drag me through the mud.

by Javamanjoe65
No increase for being responsible

Every card that i have, rewards its members with the opportunity to increase my credit line...except for Walmart. i was issued a cardwith a meager 200.00 limit. After several months of responsible payments and usage, i asked for a simple increase to a 500.00 limit. my credit ratings are higher as well as my income yet they instantly denied my increase. I will be killing this card very soon. It's not like 200.00 is going to kill my credibility. avoid this card unless you are flat out desperate because it will never help you build a higher credit score

by Jon

I have been with them for 5+ years, spent many thousands of dollars on it. My limit was up to $8000, I owed them nothing, my balance was zero and they dropped my limit down to $1700 because I have not used it in a year. I have perfect credit and I’m not sure who’s running their business but they need another CEO. They run off customers that have been PERFECT customers for them! This dropped my credit score a few points because of this low class, rinkydinky credit card. I’m so mad, I told them to close my account out and I will not even shop there anymore.

by Amanda Thrasher
Lower limit unexpectedly

My credit is great untill they unexpectedly lower my limit! Was at 900 with a balance of 205 and they lower without proper notification that they lowered to 220 limit which seriously impacted my credit. I am paying it off and cancelling this card! I do not recommend this card to anyone who cares about their credit at all! And I pay twice a month more that minimum and never ever been late on any credit card ever!!!!

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