Walmart Credit Card

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  • Annual Fee $0
  • Chip Technology None
  • Regular APR 22.90% (Variable)
  • Foreign Transaction Fee N/A

New to Credit? Getting a Store Credit Card?

Store credit cards may not be the best choice. They often have higher interest rates and lower credit limits than other cards. Start by learning credit basics and how to use credit responsibly.

Learn About Reward Credit Cards

If you’re a frequent Walmart shopper and would like some extra savings, consider signing up for the Walmart Credit Card. When you first open your account and spend $75 at, you’ll save $25. The card also offers special 6, 12, 18 and 24-month special financing options on your in-store purchases through Dec. 31, 2014. And you can save an extra 5 cents per gallon when you use the card at participating Walmart gas stations.

You can only use this card at Walmart, Sam’s Club, and their associated gas stations and websites.

Benefits and Features

The Walmart Credit Card is pretty straight-forward. Since it’s only for Walmart purchases, it doesn’t deal with balance transfers, regular cash advances, or foreign transactions. It does, however, allow cardholders to make “quick cash advances” in increments of $20, up to $100, while making a purchase at the register. The interest rate is 22.90% for purchases and applies to the special financing options. The card has no annual fee.

This card has great benefits for frequent Walmart shoppers. Besides receiving money back on your first purchase, special financing, and savings at the gas pump, you also can get access to your monthly credit score when you sign up for electronic statements online. If you ever come across unauthorized payments on your account or lose your card, you won’t have to pay a liability fee.

The Walmart Credit Card is only used for shopping in the store at online, so it’s pretty simple. If you’re a frequent shopper there, it can certainly come in handy when you want to save some extra bucks. But beware of the high interest rate for purchases and special financing options. This card is best for those who want to save some extra money at Walmart and then pay off the balance in full by the due date.

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Walmart Credit Card

not worth your time


If no star was allowed, I\'d given ZERO stars. Was told credit limit was $300. Went through some financial hardship and missed one payment. Paid half the card off only to see that $6 only is available. Called their customer service and was told that a letter was sent out 4 days after my payment was made, my credit has been lowered to $180. I know it\'s not a lot but a heads up or at least a phone call would have been nice. Oh, do any of you cardholders know they periodically check your credit without u knowing and can raise or lower your limit without your consent? What kind of business do they run? I work for a credit card company and we would have been sued for that. The terms are set for a reason, no one can just go and lower your limit without your knowledge. Increase? Yes.



I've had this card for a few years now. I was late on a payment after a month or two and my account was closed. I have since been trying to get it repaid, to line out my credit. I literally spent hours calling the 'synchrony bank' which is customer service for the card. Every single time I called I got the same automated response saying, "I'm sorry we are not taking calls at this time." I called at least 5 different phone numbers I had located for customer service and every number sent me back to that same message. I was only able to get through by contacting the fraud department (after being on hold for over 20 minutes). I was then transferred to a line of synchrony bank that FINALLY PICKED UP. The man then proceeded to tell me that my account had been sold to a collection agency. He could not provide me the date this happened, or even the amount I owed. I have yet to be able to get ahold of the 'PRA' collection agency to satisfy this debt. Basically this is all bullsh*t. They tell you the card does this and that, but what they don't tell you is you'll never get to speak to anyone when you need help. I mean how can you can a credit card but have no one in your call centers to provide customer service? Another reason why I won't be doing ANY business with walmart after this is settled. so beware to anyone who is thinking about getting this card. ITS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME.

Does not play well with Quicken


If you're a Quicken person, the Walmart credit card will not easily import. Manual import only. Not a great way for a financial institution to help it's customers who manage their money. Except for the occasional discount on gas, I do not see any benefit. I will be cancelling my card.

Wal-mart credit card


Would not suggest this card. It's a set up! Account will be closed if you are late 2 times. After making payment on account every month and 6 months later account closed. They take your money and then close the account. Send out hardship letter and states, " we're here to help" NOT TRUE!

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