Victoria’s Secret Angel Card

For People with
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The Victoria’s Secret Angel Card is definitely a card to consider if you shop at Victoria’s Secret frequently.

Cardholders earn 3X points per dollar on bras, with 1X point per dollar for all other purchases. You’ll also get access to triple point days throughout the year, along with a once-a-month opportunity to earn double points on a purchase when making a card payment in-store.

There are three status tiers with this card, depending on how many points you earn in a 12-month period:

Card 12-Month Point Requirement
Angel None
Angel VIP 500
Angel Forever 1,000

You’ll get better benefits with higher status, including a boost to your earnings potential.

This card provides free standard shipping on purchases that include eligible bras.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel Card has no annual fee. When applying, you can choose the PINK Angel Card design instead of the standard VS Angel design. All the card features are the same, the only difference is the design.

You may want a different card instead

This is a store-branded card with lots of bad reviews. You may be able to get better rewards and terms with a cash back credit card that isn't for a specific store.

Cash Back Cards

Where can I use my Victoria’s Secret Angel Card?

The Victoria’s Secret Credit Card can only be used at:

  • All Victoria’s Secret and PINK stores in the United States
  • Bath & Body Works stores

Take note that although you can use this card at physical Bath & Body Works stores, you can’t use it BathAndBodyWorks.comAnd you will not earn any Angel Reward points for Bath & Body Works purchases.

Card Quick Facts

Card Quick Facts

  • Earn 3X points on bra purchases at Victoria’s Secret
  • Earn 1X point on all other Victoria’s Secret purchases
  • Special triple points days each month
  • Double points for making an in-store card payment while making a purchase (once per month)
  • Free standard shipping on purchases that include bras
  • Earn higher Angel status for more valuable rewards and benefits
  • No annual fee

For People with
Fair Credit



Manage My Card

Want to pay a bill or check your balance?

Card Details



  • 3X Angel Reward points per dollar on bra purchases at Victoria’s Secret
  • 2X Angel Reward points per dollar on non-bra purchases from Victoria’s Secret when making an in-store payment (only once per month)
  • 1X Angel Reward point per dollar on all other purchases from Victoria’s Secret

Introductory Bonus

  • $15 off your first Victoria's Secret purchase; Little Book of Offers, containing $65 in savings
Card Stats

Card Stats

Annual Fee $0
Additional Cards Annual Fee -
Regular Purchase APR 26.99% Variable
Intro Purchase APR -
Foreign Transaction Fee -
Chip Technology None
Minimum Credit Limit -
Maximum Credit Limit -
Free Credit Score No
Penalty APR None
Late Fee Up to $37
Returned Payment Fee Up to $25
Balance Transfers

Balance Transfers

Intro Balance Transfer APR -
Regular Balance Transfer APR -
Balance Transfer Fee -
Cash Advances

Cash Advances

Cash Advance APR -
Cash Advance Fee -

Card Benefits

Check your card’s Guide to Benefits to learn the specific benefits your card offers and how to access them.

  • Raise Your Membership Status Tier

    This card is available at the Angel, Angel VIP, and Angel Forever tiers. Higher tiers come with better benefits. Learn more about these card benefits here.

  • Free Standard Shipping on Purchases That Include Bras

    Use code JUST4ANGELS at checkout and pay with your Angel credit card to get free shipping on purchases that include eligible bras. Clearance bras (price ending in $.99), prior purchases, and purchases with other shipping or bra offers are not eligible.

  • Triple Point Days

    Choose one to three triple point days per year, depending on your membership status. Bra purchases are not eligible for triple points.

  • Double Points for Paying In-Store

    Once per month, you can earn double points on a purchase if you make an in-store card payment at the time of purchase.

  • Birthday Gift

    You’ll receive a birthday gift every year, a bit before your birthday.

  • Insider Access and Event Invitations

    Angel VIP and Angel Forever cardholders get early access to sales and new products, along with invitations to special events.

  • Annual Thank You Gift

    Cardholders with Angel Forever status get an annual thank you gift for maintaining that status level.

Visitor Reviews

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Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Mandy
Not worth the hassle

If you already shop there a lot anyway and you can remember to pay off your bill in full, the card is worth giving you perks for what you're already spending.The card as a very high interest rate (as do most "store cards") and the perks are mediocre. There is no way to auto-pay so if you miss a payment you will have huge fees and a negative mark on your credit. If you move between tiers (spend enough money) you're mailed a new card which you have to call to "activate" which is actually just listening to them read a prompt to sell you "insurance" for $3 a month which you can decline.The only person who should consider this card is someone who shop there all the time and doesn't mind that they don't have autopay, give you a very small credit limit (which is actually nice considering the other reviews about fraudulent activity) and mediocre rewards. TBH you should probably pass since they mail everybody coupons even if you don't have their card. Especially if you're just trying to build credit - skip this card and get a card that isn't associated with a specific store.

by MaryBeth Troy
Charged wrong account

I opened up an Angel card 2 months ago. All of the card’s info was linked to my online account and on the app. I made several purchases online before Christmas and even paid my first statement online. I place an order last night and get the confirmation and order number. That’s when I realize they have charged the wrong account. I quickly call but the recorded message states that the call center opens at 8am EST. I try live chat to no avail and speak with customer service as soon as they open. They tell me there is nothing they can do to switch the payment to the correct account as it was already invoiced. Even though the order hasn’t processed or shipped from the warehouse, they can’t cancel the order! WTH?! Apparently, through my OWN investigating I realize that due to an Apple app update through iTunes the app defaulted back to an account with an old email associated with my Apple ID. None of my other apps did this so it’s a VS issue.I could see them not correcting the payment to the proper card if it had been shipped but I placed the order 3 hours prior! It hasn’t processed or even been packaged at the warehouse! You mean to tell me nobody at VS customer service can reach the warehouse or put a stop payment on the card and charge the correct one?! That means anyone could make fraudulent charges and they won’t do a thing!! I certainly won’t be making anymore online purchases if they can’t resolve an issue like this!I wonder if the items will even arrive since all the information is incorrect, including the email they sent the original confirmation to. The VS customer service rep said she merged my old account with the one I have used the past few years but my most recent order doesn’t show up under order history and if I try looking it up by the old email is says no account on file with that email. I guess everything is lost in cyberspace now!You would think VS would have better security measures in place for fraudulent activity and website/app security!

by Dina
Not worth it

I have had so many problems with customer service with their bank. All the problems are not worth having the card. Rewards are not that great and takes a long time to get credit limit increases. Save your time and money.

by Linda
No auto pay option

Twice now I have scheduled a payment online, and then it didn’t go through and I was charged a late fee. The first time they waived the late fee. The second time (over a year later) they wouldn’t waive it. The late fee makes the rewards and coupons I used, pointless. There is no option to schedule auto pay of any kind (either for statement balance or minimum payment). On the VS website they also reduced the amount of coupons from 3 to 2 per purchase. So the credit card is barely worth the deals. If you do use it, pay off things as soon as you buy them, and make sure the payment goes through. Also take advantage of calling in to apply triple points. It’s automated for that so you don’t have to deal with CS.

by Alyssa
Low Fraud Protection

I do not use this card very often. Someone got my card information and made fraudulent charges and the only notification I received was through snail mail. I have an online account that has my email address and my phone number, there were $1600 worth of charges, they should have gotten ahold of me immediately, not a week later through snail mail! Then I tried to call several customer service phone numbers listed in my letter, and on their website and they did not work! I had to send them an online message and wait for someone to get back to me. When I finally spoke to someone, she said they would open an investigation and their investigator would send me a letter in the mail and then I would have to call them to dispute the charges. It’s 2018, why are they so reliant on snail mail?! I closed my account and I will never get another credit card from victoria’s Secret. I’m very disappointed in their fraud protection and security.

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