UNITY® Visa Secured Credit Card

The UNITY® Visa is a secured credit card that helps users rebuild their credit. It comes with a fixed APR, as opposed to a variable APR, which is a rarer trait among credit cards.

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  • Signup Bonus None
  • Chip Technology None
  • Foreign Transaction Fee See Terms
  • Intro Balance Transfer APR 9.95% for 6 months
  • Regular Balance Transfer APR See Terms
  • Cash Advance APR See Terms
  • Penalty APR See Terms
  • Late Fee See Terms
  • Returned Payment Fee See Terms

Card Benefits

Check your card's Guide to Benefits to learn the specific benefits your card offers and how to access them. Learn more about credit card benefits here.


  • Reports to the Major Credit Bureaus

    This card will report your activity, positive or negative, to the 3 major credit bureaus.

  • How to Rebuild Credit Program

    Information and advice on how to improve your credit score.

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 12 reviews
by Unhappy Customer

Do NOT Put your money in OneUnited Bank. Pretty soon that Bank will go under with the way the profits look. Which is the reason they're pushin #Bankblack so hard. Please do some more research and Google "OneUnited Bank" my friend put money in for a unity Visa card and he's having a hard time getting it back. But besides that they're operations are sucking and their profits are low. In 2015 the profited 48K and last year because of bank block they profited 250K.Google Kevin Cohee and Narcotics. Google "OneUnited Bank and FDIC Cease and Desist".The CEO( Kevin Cohee) had spent 6.4 million on a mansion and 800K on a condo. This bank is used as Kevin and Teri's piggybank.Please spread the word there are so many more black banks that offer good services. I would give this card and Bank negative stars if I could.

by Sam Hoffman
Very Bad Credit Card

I am taking this time to write, and I hope it will be helpful for many
It’s important to know WHAT PROBLEMS you getting into prior making this Unity Visa Credit Card , be very careful before making this bad decision
I made 3 “Secured Credit Cards” a few years ago , I was very happy with ALL, until Unity Visa has changed their policy, and Unity Visa became impossible to work with , The worst Credit Card Company, I don’t know how they are still in business, I guess people like to suffer the same way I did for a few years (I just closed the Unity Visa Credit Card) I stayed with Merrick Bank and Capital Bank both of them are a pleasure
Here are the problems I had with Unity Visa
Since they stopped accepting Pay By Phone or On Line Payments This is the problems I had the last 2 years
1-I usually receive the credit card bill on the 10th of the month, The due date is on the 25th , Even I mail the check/payment same day of receiving the bill, there is a big chance of being late, since the USPS takes a few days, Unity Visa processing takes a few days, so there is a 80% chance of being late, I have the pressure every month to go on line, and see if the statement has already been posted, then mail a check before I even get the paper bill
2-I had once where they haven’t received the mailed check – I was hit with a late fee of $35.00 – There was no way I can proof that it was mailed..
3-Since then I started using “Check Payments through Chase Bank” so I can track the day they mailed checks and see on line when vendors deposit the check, and I never had a problem with anyone using that feature from Chase – the ONLY PROBLEM I had, was with Unity Visa – The money was debited from my account through Chase Bank, because they mailed the check, and Unity Visa claimed they never received it , even I had proof it was send out and chase bank debited to funds
Customer Service
A-They don’t accept emails
B-The ONLY way to communicate with them is by phone – and don’t expect to get through to someone before waiting 30+ minutes
C-They have a call center in Pakistan and they hardly know English , so if you need to speak to another rep, you will wait another 30+ minutes (BTW if you are looking to waste time this is perfect, a simple call will keep you from 1-2 hours
D-Most of the times, you reach the wrong department, and they will need to transfer your call, and finally waiting another half hour, it was again the wrong department… You can’t imagine the frustration ..
E-Once I was waiting for 48 Minutes and the phone got disconnected

by Armando
OneUnited Bank check returned

After having this secured credit card for 2 years and closing the account they send me the secured deposit refund 3 months later and the check was returned by Wells Fargo as Insufficient Funds, VISA 0000-0805

by David
Worst card ever

I agree with both David R. and AJ stay away from Unity Visa I even have an account with One United Bank and they still place a hold on my payment to the card it takes 3 to 4 days for them to post it to the card even though it shows that they have received the payment and the funds were taken from my account. this is the most ridiculous thing ever they sponsor the card but wont post the payments when they receive them this is the only company I deal with that is this way. I have a Walmart Money card that I use to make online payments and things so that my other CC stay a little more secure even this card post the funds the same day they get it. As far as the getting the card it was real easy you have to send in some proof of citizenship documents which are required by law since 9/11 but after they get them which I sent by online fax I got the card within a week. To be fair though the One United Banking service is outstanding if you want a Great online Banking service use them but stay away from the Unity Visa card unless your willing to wait 3-5 days for YOUR money

by David Reynolds
What a JOKE!

What can I say! I read the reviews on this card last year but proceeded to apply for one anyways because I try to find out on my own if a company is really a POS! This bank is with no doubt!! I applied for this card and only deposited $300. It took me 30 days to get the card after I had already paid my deposit. Once I received the card I started using it. The following month I went to pay it and what do you know? They do not except electronic bank payments like all the other cards I have. So, I started paying on this card by ebill pay through my bank. It took 3 days for them to get my bank check but 15 days to clear. UNREAL! Needless to say, this card went in the back of my wallet! I filed a charge back dispute on a few unauthorized transactions. They responded by being in favor of the company who actually never had access to my card. During this process, they were suppose to send me another card. 1 week went by, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, A month later and no card! I finally on month 2 decided to cancel them. I had asked if their were anything I owed them at the time I closed the account. They said no. They will be sending my deposit back in a month. Well, a month has come and gone 3 months ago and no check and today I got a look at my credit score and I see they are stating that I owe them $435.00 and I'm delinquent on an account that is closed.

So, I am here to tell you that I have first hand knowledge that this company is a scam and will only hurt your credit rather then help it. You will be hurting yourself worse doing business with this sham! I have two other secured credit cards that work awesome for my needs! Though my credit score has gone back 35 points rather then forward, But hey, I will pay these frauds what they claim I owe them and set my watch for 30 days on my deposit. If it doesn't come, It will be time to board a plane to Florida and file a law suit and a complaint with their attorney generals office.

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