Ultamate Rewards MasterCard

The Ultamate Rewards MasterCard offers several exclusive benefits at Ulta Beauty.

When you sign up for this card you’ll become an Ultamate Rewards member, which includes 1 point per dollar at Ulta. You’ll also get all the benefits that come with this card, including an extra point per dollar, meaning you’ll get a total of 2 points per $1 at Ulta Beauty.

There’s no annual fee, and you’ll get a 20% discount on your first purchase with the card. You can also use this card outside of Ulta to get 1 point per $1 spent.

Where can I use my Ultamate Rewards MasterCard?

This card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, unlike the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card which can only be used at Ulta Beauty.

Check out how these two cards compare in our Review of the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card and Ultamate Rewards MasterCard.

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Quick View

Quick View

  • Rewards
    • 1 extra point for every $1 spent at Ulta Beauty and ulta.com (for a total of 2 points per $1)
    • 1 point for every $3 spent outside of Ulta Beauty
    • Up to 5X point offers for signing up for email updates
    • Points expire 1 year after they are earned
  • Signup Bonus 500 Welcome Bonus Points for spending $500 outside of Ulta Beauty in the first 90 days
  • Chip Technology Chip-and-Signature
  • Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
  • Intro Balance Transfer APR -
  • Regular Balance Transfer APR 27.24% *Variable
  • Cash Advance APR 27.24% *Variable
  • Penalty APR See Terms
  • Late Fee Up to $37.00
  • Returned Payment Fee Up to $37.00

Card Benefits

Check your card's Guide to Benefits to learn the specific benefits your card offers and how to access them. Learn more about credit card benefits here.


  • 20% Off Your First Purchase

    Get a 20% off coupon for your first purchase at Ulta Beauty. Must be opted into Ulta Beauty emails to receive it.

  • Birthday Gift

    Members receive a coupon during their birthday month, which can be redeemed at an Ulta Beauty store for a gift.

  • Member-Exclusive Offers

    Receive up to $75 in exclusive offers each year.

  • Member-Exclusive Magazines

    Receive up to 15 exclusive Ulta magazines each year.

  • Platinum Status

    Spend $450 in one year to earn Platinum Status, which includes a 25% point bonus, no point expiration, and other benefits.

Visitor Reviews

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Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Teresa

I am being penalized for making a payment! My card was declined and reason given is that i made a payment. My card is unusable till payment clears bank which will take 10 days from now! I'm in good standing. Having made multiple payments plus monthly payments. Now out of the blue, I'm being embarrassed at a store because i am paying back ulta/commenity. And I'm supposed to say thank you for this in your attempt to catch fraud? This corporation is a con, very unprofessional, and downright unethical. I have been a loyal customer with a good record of using their card and paying back what is owed on time. Every payment has cleared my bank. I closed out my account and cut the damn card up. If I'm going to be embarrassed in front of friends, family, coworkers in a store full of people, it will be because I am responsible for being declined. There is a good reason why this company rates so low on multiple sites!

by Bernadette
Unethical and Disappointed

I applied for this card so I could use it to build my points! I have been using it for regular purchases and all of a sudden my avail credit went to zero!!!! I make frequent payments and they told me my payments had to clear my bank....they've have been deducted from my bank (electronically deducted=instant payment) for over a week now and still no update on my avail credit. Apparently, you are penalized with this credit card for making purchases to build points, then paying the balance so no interest or penalties accrue. They told me because I have frequent purchases and payments they are protecting my account from fraud! Really, then send the consumer an alert for potential 'fraud' instead of freezing an account that is in 100% good standing. Clearly this company 'froze' my available credit because they do not like the fact I am earning rewards using this card in a responsible way. It's been a week and still no update on my available credit! Is this an "Ulta" Corporation issue or Mastercard Commenity Bank Issue? Does anyone know?

by Jodi
Terrible Customer Service Practices

I have been using my Ultamate Mastercard for a long time with no issues. Have always paid off transactions within a week or two, and never had a late payment.Randomly checked my account and had zero available credit and have talked to several different customer service reps with different answers as to what’s going on. Some sort of glitch or update and “they’re working on it”. Even spoke to a supervisor with the same vague response. No email. No noticification. Nothing. Is this how you treat valuable customers? I’m shocked that this is how they conduct business. Very disappointed.

by Alexandria
Unethical and irresponsible

I have had this card over a year. This week, they upgraded the computer system, and because of a glitch, thousands of customers lost their available credit. But we were NOT NOTIFIED. I only found out because I checked my account and called customer service. 12 hours later and nothing has been done.

by Missy
GREAT rewards system!

This is BY FAR my favorite store card! They rewards are amazing!!! WAY better than Sephora! And they run deals all the time on certain things, 2x points, 5x points, even 10x points, it's easy to rack up point fast!! The more you save up points, the more they are worth! If you get up to 2000 (sounds like a lot, but with bonus points it's way easier than you think!) you can redeem it for $125 off! No exclusions!!! Hands down, best reward system ever! Plus you get coupons and other great offers! Yes, the APR is high, but if you pay it off in full every month, it's not an issue. All the bad reviews on here are a shame...if people wouldn't wait until literally the last minute to pay a bill, they wouldn't have a problem. Cards charging you for paying just one day past the due date is pretty standard...nothing new ladies. It's not a scam...

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