Ultamate Rewards Mastercard

For People with
Fair Credit



The Ultamate Rewards Mastercard offers several exclusive benefits at Ulta Beauty.

When you sign up for this card you’ll become an Ultamate Rewards member, which includes 1 point per dollar at Ulta. You’ll also get all the benefits that come with this card, including an extra point per dollar, meaning you’ll get a total of 2 points per $1 at Ulta Beauty.

There’s no annual fee, and you’ll get a 20% discount on your first purchase with the card. You can also use this card outside of Ulta to get 1 point per $1 spent.

Where can I use my Ultamate Rewards Mastercard?

This card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, unlike the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card which can only be used at Ulta Beauty.

Check out how these two cards compare in our Review of the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card and Ultamate Rewards Mastercard.

Card Quick Facts

Card Quick Facts

  • 1 extra point per $1 spent at Ulta
  • 1 point per $3 spent outside Ulta
  • 500 bonus points for spending $500 outside Ulta in the first 90 days
  • 20% off your first purchase at Ulta
  • Member-only benefits and discounts at Ulta
  • No annual fee
  • 17.24%, 23.24%, or 26.24% Purchase APR *Variable

For People with
Fair Credit



Manage My Card

Want to pay a bill or check your balance?

Card Details



  • 1 extra point for every $1 spent at Ulta Beauty and ulta.com (for a total of 2 points per $1)
  • 1 point for every $3 spent outside of Ulta Beauty
  • Up to 5X point offers for signing up for email updates
  • Points expire 1 year after they are earned
How to Redeem

Introductory Bonus

  • 500 Welcome Bonus Points for spending $500 outside of Ulta Beauty in the first 90 days
Card Stats

Card Stats

Annual Fee None
Additional Cards Annual Fee -
Regular Purchase APR 17.24%, 23.24%, or 26.24% *Variable
Intro Purchase APR -
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Chip Technology Chip-and-Signature
Minimum Credit Limit -
Maximum Credit Limit -
Free Credit Score No
Penalty APR See Terms
Late Fee Up to $37
Returned Payment Fee Up to $37
Balance Transfers

Balance Transfers

Intro Balance Transfer APR -
Regular Balance Transfer APR 27.24% *Variable
Balance Transfer Fee 3% ($10 min)
Cash Advances

Cash Advances

Cash Advance APR 27.24% *Variable
Cash Advance Fee 3% ($10 min)

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Average rating:  
 31 reviews
by Morgan Bostwick
Worst customer service!

Applied for the card in May and used it at the end of the month, so I wanted to check when my bill was due. I logged into my account through the Ulta portal, which I was told was my first problem because its not the same as the banks portal, but it's where I applied so not sure how they'redifferent, but ok. Anyways, it said no balance was due at that time, so I signed up for a paper statement to avoid any delay in getting my bill paid. I received my statement 2 days ago, and there was both a late fee and a finance charge applied so I called customer service. The gentleman that I spoke with argued with me about getting the fees waived because he said there's no way the bill was mailed on 7/6 and that I was looking at the wrong info and he would have proof sent to me. I said it was their phone system that told me the bill was mailed just before I connected with him. Continued to argue with me and talk over me so I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. He still talked over me about how I was wrong and wasting my time because they would do the same thing as he would do before "cold transferring" (essentially he should have spoken to the person I was transferred to first and given my account info, etc.) my call to the Commenity service line. Of course when I got to the next representative, their system was down so she couldn't help me or make note of the jerk I spoke to before her. I shop at Ulta all the time, and the points with this card are attractive but their processes are very messy and their customer service team is subpar at best.

by Candi
Good Card

I am not sure why there are so many bad reviews. Pay my card any time even after 5pm and it is immediately postedTaken from my account in no more than 2 days. Customer service is always helpful. I have 3 cards with Comenity. Now credit limit increases are not as easy w ulta but i use my cards make a payment every month. Had the card for 2 years use it so much that i went into the store one day and my purchase was free i had accumulated so many points Still a good card.

by Tracey
Ulta Credit Card

My daughter and I went makeup shopping. I went to pay and my card was declined. I tried several times and it did not work. I checked my account on the phone and I didn't owe anything. The cashier called customer service and she gave the phone to me. The guy said my account was closed. I asked why and he said it is due to inactivity. My bill was paid off and my penalty is a closed account. I asked how often do a purchase be made and he really did not know. Worse company and they lost my business.

by Emily
Ulta Mastercard - I like it, good customer service so far

I'm sorry to see so many people that are having a hard time/experience with the ulta credit cards and Comenity Bank; just so there's another opinion at least, I'd like to say that so far I'm very pleased with my Ulta Mastercard. I make my payments on time, and in return, they increased my limit to 1500. The reward points are very nice incentive to me to use the card, and I find that it has greatly helped me reach the 2000 points much faster.I recently had to call customer service, the number (1-888-282-5157) to inquire about a bunch of unauthorized Itunes charges on my account, and the lady who took my call was very nice and pleasant. She put me in for a new card number and said she was going to watch my old card for any more fraud, and explained what do to if the charges aren't refunded by Comenity Bank, so shoutout to that wonderful representative, she made feel a lot better about the whole situation. Thank you for the great customer service!

by Leah

I have several retail credit cards all managed through Commenity but the Ulta card is by far the worst. My username and password are saved in my phone and whenever I try to login it says the username and password don't exist. After resetting them successfully, the site still gave the same error message and locked me out. I am paying my balance off today and never using the card again. They shouldn't have a credit card if they don't know how to manage the service.

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