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Building Your Credit in College

College is a time when many students get their first tastes of financial freedom, which often includes student loans and their first credit cards. Student loans can be a great opportunity to start building credit history, and when used responsibly, a credit card can further demonstrate your ability to manage debt and secure your financial future.  As a student you are just starting to build your credit history, and it is essential to be smart and proactive from the beginning.

This section is primarily designed for college students. If you're in high school, start here.

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Who Are We?

Credit Card Insider is your resource for unbiased consumer and commercial lending options. We are advocates of the responsible use of credit, building and managing your credit history, and making informed decisions when selecting a credit card.

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Student Credit Card Resources

Why is a Credit Score Important?

A credit score is a numerical value based on an analysis of personal financial information included in your credit report that determines your creditworthiness, or the likelihood that you’ll default on your debt obligations, to lending institutions.

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How can Students Build Credit?

It’s not as hard as it seems. Many college students get overwhelmed at the thought of actively building their credit. Common misconceptions lead them to believe that a good score is only possible with an auto loan, mortgage, and high paying occupation.

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What are "Student" Credit Cards?

As a college student you have an advantage when it comes to starting to build credit. Lenders are aware that you haven't had the time to procure a perfect score and are willing to help, sometimes offering instant approval for student credit cards.

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What Will a Credit Card Cost?

One aspect of any card you’ll want to pay close attention to is the annual percentage rate, or APR. If you don't pay your balance in full, this can quickly become a major cost. Additionally, make sure you check for annual fees, late fees, and other non-interest fees.

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Selecting the Right Card

When considering a student credit card it is essential to understand all of the terms and conditions before you apply. As mentioned above the interest rate and annual fee are major factors that can make a credit card work for you, or you work for a credit card.

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Using Credit Cards Responsibly

Equally as important as choosing the right card is handling it responsibly. When applying for a first credit card many students make the mistake of applying for multiple cards in a short period of time hoping to be approved for at least one.

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