The Home Depot Project Loan

The Home Depot Project Loan is an 84-month line of credit that can be opened to fund projects.

Home Depot also offers the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card for consumers, and The Home Depot Commercial Account and The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge Card for contractors.

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Card Benefits

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How Project Loans Work

  • Apply online or in-store
  • Get a 6 month buying window to purchase products
  • Get 84 months to pay off your balance
  • Credit lines up to $40,000

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Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Juan
Worst Experience

Not even a one star. This card offers good financing but is the biggest hassle to even start using the card. Customer service is ridiculous and wouldn't give me any information because they said my phone number didn't match. Its what was in the application and I've had for over 2 years! Horrible experience spent entire time trying to resolve issues after getting approved.

by mary
never again

If I could rate this less than a 1 I would. I just took out a THD Project Loan for 10K   Which provided a 6 mo grace period before actual payments start.   The project also included a 900 rebate from HD and a $150 rebate from the electric company as it was energy saving.   To work on getting the balance down before payments are set,   I took the 150 from the elec comp.  and placed it against the principal.   HD however, did not place the rebate against my balance, instead they gave me a Debit card for $900.00 and NO WAY TO BE ABLE TO USE IT AGAINST MY BALANCE!!!!  How nice... now I can spend another $900.00 at home depot and pay more than likely more than that in interest on the loan over the course of time.    I will NEVER EVER DO THIS AGAIN.

by Jen
Worst card I ever had

I opened a Home depot Project Loan because we are remodeling our kitchen. Multiple times my card got declined and I had to call them in the store. They kept freezing my account because I went to two different home depot locations and I ordered online. So I guess you can't go to other home depots? Doesn't make sense. It's good when it works but most of the time it doesn't. I would NEVER open another Project Loan from Home depot.

by frustrated
VERY difficult to use!

I have had the exact same issue as the previous person. The application process was very easy, I was approved, and had to authorize the card at the store (which is a ridiculous, outdated process and took about 45 minutes- it would be easier to do DNA testing to verify identity). I was assured that it was approved, but my order was declined. I called the Project Loan number and they assured me the card was activated-- but it wasn't, so again my purchase was declined. I want to use the Project Loan because the interest rate is so much better than the cc, but they really need to coordinate their system. As is it's a big mess.

by Jackie Marsden
A total hassle to use

I applied and go approved for 30k for a big project. First time I went to use it the card was declined in the store because it wasn't authorized for use yet. No problem but it took over an hour to get it authorized and several calls to the customer service center before I could make the purchased. The process was so PAINFUL and intrusive!

So then, went to the store yesterday, same thing. Card was declined. Called customer service and they didn't know why but took me over 20 minutes to make the purchase.

I regret taking the loan out this way. Good terms but so costly in time and irritation to use. HD doesn't seem to have its act together to offer this sort of service.

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