Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card

For People with
Good Credit

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The Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card offers a cash back reward of 1.5% on all purchases, for no annual fee.

If your credit limit is $5,000 or above you’ll get a Visa Signature card with upgraded benefits, like travel and shopping discounts. The Luxury Hotel Collection is included, which has good perks for travelers. If your credit limit is less than that, you’ll get a Visa Platinum with more basic benefits.

There’s also a 0% intro on purchases APR offer for for 15 months for both purchases and balance transfers, giving you a while to pay off a balance at no interest. After that your regular rate will be 16.24% - 26.24% (Variable).

This card features contactless technology, allowing for quick tap-and-go payments.

For People with
Good Credit

Learn how to apply for this card.



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Card Details



  • 1.5% cash back on all purchases
How to Redeem

Introductory Bonus

  • $150 for spending $500 in the first 3 months after account opening
Card Stats

Card Stats

Annual Fee $0
Additional Cards Annual Fee -
Regular Purchase APR 16.24% - 26.24% (Variable)
Intro Purchase APR 0% intro on purchases for for 15 months
Foreign Transaction Fee None
Chip Technology Chip-and-Signature
Minimum Credit Limit $1,000
Maximum Credit Limit -
Free Credit Score Yes
Penalty APR None
Late Fee Up to $39
Returned Payment Fee -
Balance Transfers

Balance Transfers

Intro Balance Transfer APR 0% intro on balance transfers for for 15 months
Regular Balance Transfer APR 16.24% - 26.24% (Variable)
Balance Transfer Fee 3%
Cash Advances

Cash Advances

Cash Advance APR 26.24% (Variable)
Cash Advance Fee 3% of the amount of the cash advance, but not less than $10

Card Benefits

Check your card’s Guide to Benefits to learn the specific benefits your card offers and how to access them.

  • Visa Signature Benefits

    If you’re approved with a credit limit of $5,000 or above, you’ll be issued a Visa Signature card with better perks.

  • 24/7 Concierge Service

    Call any time to talk to a personal assistant, who can help you in all sorts of non-emergency tasks like finding hard-to-find gifts, making reservations, and getting travel info.

  • Luxury Hotel Collection

    Get benefits at over 900 hotel properties.

  • Fine Wine & Food

    Special dining and wine experiences.

  • Sports Experiences

    Access to popular sporting events and premiere golf benefits at Pebble Beach Resorts®.

  • Shopping Discounts

    Discounts and special offers at premium retailers, from jewelry to apparel and electronics.

Account Management

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Call any time to talk to dedicated customer service representatives.

  • Personalized Payment

    Pick a monthly due date.

  • Account Alerts

    Get alerts about account information on your phone.

  • Mobile & Tablet Apps

    Manage your account from your phone or tablet.

  • Financial Tools & Tips

    Educate yourself on credit with Capital One resources.

  • Capital One Wallet℠

    Provides charge notifications, account balances, available credit, and rewards earnings.

  • Capital One Credit Wise

    Free access to your VantageScore 3.0, based on your TransUnion credit report, along with other credit monitoring tools.

  • Capital One Second Look℠

    Capital One monitors your account for unusual and duplicate charges.

  • Fraud Protection

    Capital One will take steps to protect your account from fraud.

  • Zero Liability Protection

    You will not be held responsible for unauthorized use of your card.

  • Identity Theft Resolution Services

    Get help from Capital One if you become a victim of identity theft.

  • Purchase Protection

    Provides coverage against lost or stolen items within 90 days from the date of purchase.

  • Extended Warranty Protection

    Extends a manufacturer’s warranty at no charge.

  • Roadside Assistance Hotline

    Assistance with services such as towing, changing a flat, or boosting a battery in case of emergency.

  • Travel Assistance Services

    Provides help with travel emergencies, including emergency card replacement or cash advances.

  • Travel Accident Insurance

    Covers you and your family in the case of physical accidents.

  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

    Provides coverage against theft and collision, as long as the car rental company’s own insurance is declined.

  • Lost Luggage Reimbursement

    If checked or carry-on bags are lost or damaged, provides reimbursement up to $3,000 per passenger

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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Dave D
Online experience great; customer service terrible

The online experience (website) is terrific. all of the information that you would expect is readily available. However, if you ever need customer support, this is not the card to have. It appears that most support is provided offshore in the Philippines. Whether its the culture, incompetent people or lack of training, I have NEVER received adequate support. I have always had to call back and request US Support.that entails at least another 3 calls as my calls are "mysteriously" dropped in the transfer process.perhaps I am impatient but just don't have the time to spend an average of 45 minutes on what should be a routine call.

by IG
Dated, complicated and incompetent

I decided to give the card a try as it has nice reward program. My coworker told me to watch out for Captal One fraud department as in his experience every other purchase was considered fraudulent. According to him, this lead ti painful process of having to proof who he was before his card was activated again. After activating my brand new card and attempting to make a purchase, my card was blocked due to potentially fraudulent activity. After over 20 minutes on hold, the representative finally got on line and told me my purchase seamed out of ordinary. When i asked how would the bank know what is ordinary for me if this is my first card and a very first attempt to use it. The process of proving who i am was beyond bizarre and dated. They have asked me to copy or scan my personal document and upload to some "secure link" or mail them. Who sends mail now days? I told the representative this doesn't make any sense. If someone stole my wallet, they would have my ID and using this "protection system", they would be able to scan my ID and use my card. This was another question this poor representative didn't know how to answer. Realizing im not going to work with incompetent and difficult company who lives in dark ages, I finally asked the representative if he could help me close the account. He finally felt helpful and proceed to close my account with even attempting to flag down a manager and try to salvage this unfortunate situation keep the customer. Another failure! For the first time in my life, I closed an account i haven't even used once! lol Im happy to go back to good old Amex even with smaller rewards. Im willing to pay for convenience of processes, modern technology and common sense. Get on a program, Capital One! Being dated and difficult in an era of millennials cannot lead to anything good! This card was total waste of my time! My cooworker was 100% right and I should have listened.

by John Handson

I had the Capital One Platinum MasterCard for over a year. I made every payment on time and in full, Capital One upgraded me to the Quicksilver card with no annual fee. I requested a credit line increase on the Quicksilver card and get denied Everytime even though I made all my payments on time and in full for over 2 years! Capitol One keeps saying credit line increase isn't available upon request.After being with Capital One over 2 years I only received one credit line increase of 300 dollars. I guess Capitol One doesn't care about the good customers who pay on time and in full every month!

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