Platinum Card® from American Express

For People with
Excellent Credit



The Platinum Card® from American Express is a luxury charge card, complete with perks and benefits fit for jet-setters.

From complimentary airport lounge access, personal 24/7 concierge, and a laundry list of other rich benefits, the Platinum Card from American Express delivers on its rare metal namesake.

Card Quick Facts

Card Quick Facts

  • Earn 60,000 Membership Rewards® points after you use your new Card to make $5,000 in purchases in your first 3 months.
  • Up to $200 Uber Savings Annually.
  • 5X Membership Rewards® points on flights booked directly with airlines or with American Express Travel.
  • 5X Membership Rewards® points on eligible hotels booked on
  • As a Platinum Card Member, you can enjoy access to the Global Lounge Collection, the only credit card airport lounge access program that includes proprietary lounge locations around the world.
  • Receive complimentary benefits with an average total value of $550 with Fine Hotels & Resorts. Learn More. Terms Apply.
  • $200 Airline Fee Credit, up to $200 a year in baggage fees and more at one airline. Terms Apply.

For People with
Excellent Credit



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  • 5X Membership Rewards points on flights booked directly with airlines or with American Express Travel
  • 5X Membership Rewards points on eligible hotels booked on
  • 2X Membership Rewards points on other eligible purchases from
  • 1X Membership Rewards point on all other purchases
How to Redeem

Introductory Bonus

  • Earn 60,000 points after you make $5,000 in purchases in your first 3 months
Card Stats

Card Stats

Annual Fee $550
Additional Cards Annual Fee -
Regular Purchase APR Not Applicable - Paid in Full Monthly
Intro Purchase APR -
Foreign Transaction Fee 0%
Chip Technology Chip-and-Signature
Minimum Credit Limit -
Maximum Credit Limit -
Free Credit Score No
Penalty APR -
Late Fee Up to $38
Returned Payment Fee Up to $38
Balance Transfers

Balance Transfers

Intro Balance Transfer APR -
Regular Balance Transfer APR -
Balance Transfer Fee -
Cash Advances

Cash Advances

Cash Advance APR -
Cash Advance Fee -

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 4 reviews
by Duane Hamann
From Charge to Credit

The measure to determine what type of credit card a bank issues is based partly on an affordability assessment. Another factor is your education, annual income and nett worth. So, if you qualify for an Amex Platinum Charge, everyone knows that your credit is excellent, you have a respectable income and most likely own more property than just your home. However, because it's a charge card, you need to settle the full amount every month, therefore Amex can claim that your card has no limit. If you don't settle the full balance at the end of the month, the card stops working. Limited exposure for Amex. The rewards program has loads of value. I charge everything and anything to my card, wherever Amex is accepted, I charge it. Recently I flew to London with my partner, my flights and accommodation was paid for using my rewards. You know the value of your Amex when you’re flying business class with your partner to London without paying out a cent, you know the value when you get VIP treatment the minute you check into your hotel. Unlike other ordinary credit cards that offer pie in the sky points that usually have no value to you in real life, you know the value of your Amex because the rewards are as good as cash and it’s free, even if you factor in the annual fees. Those who don’t qualify won’t understand the value.

by Raspberry jam
Agree, they are amazing... other review is fake

Just to add, the concierge and travel services for Amex are second to none. I’ve used them and continue to use them on a very regular basis. I have literally told them what I wanted, provided my expectations, and had them call me back with a detailed itinerary to approve or make changes to with all kinds of info. Better than the best travel agent.1. They don’t outsource to Expedia2. I don’t need to brag about what I spend but given the reviewer spends “50-100k” per month or whatever he would have long been invited for the black card.3. Further I’ve stayed many places and I too have traveled all over... so curious the comment about the hotel he spent $10k on for a few days and the issues. If you book via Expedia or Amex I’m pretty sure spending $10k for a few days... your going to be treated well and not chastised for your booking choice... give me a break.

by Thomas Walker
American Express Platinum travel

I have an upcoming trip to Italy, one element of which is a stay at one of Amex's fine hotels. When I read the review claiming the American Express service has been outsourced to Expedia my alarm prompted me to contact American Express. I copied the scathing review and included it in my conversation. American Express categorically denied that their travel service has ben outsourced to Expedia. Furthermore, the agent has escalated the complaint further up the food chain for additional investigation.My own experience with American Express Platinum has been uniformly excellent. If I experience anything to corroborate this complainer's account I'll come back and correct what I'm saying here. Until then, I'm inclined to believe the poster is a competitor or otherwise disgruntled person.In addition to the fact I've already reported, namely that the American Express Platinum travel service has NOT been outsourced to Expedia, here's more evidence that the reviewer is a malign troll. He says "Happened again with the rental car, I’m put into a line with a bunch of chain smoking, price shopping, red necks and listed like Expedia again and the guy behind the counter treats me like it."When an American Express Platinum member opts to join, say, Avis Preferred or Hertz Gold Plus (which is free to cardholders), the member receives physical membership cards specifying the level of membership. He was "put into a line" despite having substantiating credentials? Notice also that what he says slimes Expedia. Expedia users are "chain smoking, price shopping, red necks?" And treated like 2nd class citizens by suppliers? Oh, in exactly which rental car pickup facility is smoking a single cigarette, let alone anything resembling chain smoking, permitted?Austin's disparaging review is derogatory fiction.

by Mike Austin
Raspberries after 5 years of loyalty.

Expedia has taken over the booking for American Express Platnium travel customers. There is no longer a way to get customer service or leave a review. Dead links everywhere. When you book a fine hotel and resort and you show up they list you as Expedia and you don’t get the contracted upgrades. I recently spent $10k on a few days in a hotel and had to ask 3 times for what was suppose to be contracted from the AmEx travel website. I finally asked what they had me listed as and they told me, indignantly, Expedia. When I told them AmEx fine hotels and resorts they spent the next two days apologizing but the problem was my stay was already mostly over. Happened again with the rental car, I’m put into a line with a bunch of chain smoking, price shopping, red necks and listed like Expedia again and the guy behind the counter treats me like it. You prepay the fee so when my contract is up I won’t renew AmEx platnium. I spend and pay off $50k-$100k a month on the card. This card I have had for 5 years and it’s no longer worth it. The 5x and 30% points back is a joke. You won’t be able to figure it out and it’s a “gotcha” mantality. Good luck. They are trying to be more like every other card, but they still keep transaction cost high and take profits. Call center turned into garbage as well. They don’t know what they use to and the Customer XP is raspberries. No friend to small business.

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