Macy’s American Express® Card

You can’t apply for this card online. You’ll need to go to a Macy’s store in-person to apply. Learn more about the card on the Macy’s Website.

You can access your account on the Macy’s website. If you’re having trouble creating or accessing your account online, we recommend you call the phone number on the back of your card or 1-877-493-9207 for help.

To pay your bill, see this page for the bill payment mailing address and other payment options.

Grace Period 25 days

Can I get cash with my Macy’s American Express?

You may be able to get cash out of an ATM with your Macy’s American Express as a cash advance, but that comes with very high fees. Learn about how cash advances work here.

This is a store-branded card. You may be able to get better rewards and terms with a general-use reward credit card instead.

Learn more about reward credit cards

Where can I use my Macy’s American Express® Card?

The Macy’s American Express Card can be used anywhere American Express credit cards are accepted, unlike the Macy’s Credit Card, which can only be used an Macy’s.

To see how this card stacks up against the regular store version, check out our Review of the Macy’s Credit Card and the Macy’s American Express Card.

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Confused about all the different amounts listed on your credit card bill? Read our guide to paying credit cards here.


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Quick View

Quick View

  • Rewards
    • Macy’s offers different rewards depending on how much you spend on your card each year.
    • Preferred Level Customers ($1-$499/yr) – Get 10% rewards on eligible merchandise purchased with your card in-store at Macy’s and A $25 enrollment fee is required. Exclusions apply.
    • Elite Level Customers ($500-$999/yr) – Get the same rewards plus an additional bonus rewards day per year.
    • Premier Elite Level Customers ($1,000+/yr) – Get the same rewards plus 2 additional bonus rewards days per year.
  • Signup Bonus None
  • Chip Technology Chip-and-Signature
  • Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
  • Intro Balance Transfer APR -
  • Regular Balance Transfer APR Balance Transfer Not Available
  • Cash Advance APR 24.75% (Variable)
  • Penalty APR See Terms
  • Late Fee Up to $37
  • Returned Payment Fee Up to $37

Card Benefits

Check your card's Guide to Benefits to learn the specific benefits your card offers and how to access them. Learn more about credit card benefits here.

Macy’s offers different benefits depending on how much you spend in the year.

Preferred Status – $1-$499 per year

  • Macy’s Star Pass Mailings: 3x per year
  • Surprise Savings at Register
  • Thanks For Sharing Rewards: 10% Rewards on eligible Macy’s Credit Card purchases; cost is $25 per year.
  • American Express Offers

Elite Status – $500-$999 per year

  • Macy’s Star Pass Mailings: 6x per year
  • Surprise Savings at Register
  • Thanks For Sharing Rewards: 10% Rewards on eligible Macy’s Credit Card purchases, plus one bonus event; cost is $25 per year.
  • Special Birthday Offer
  • American Express Offers

Premier Elite Status – $1000+ per year

  • Macy’s Star Pass Mailings: 12x per year
  • Surprise Savings at Register
  • Thanks For Sharing Rewards: 10% Rewards on eligible Macy’s Credit Card purchases, plus two bonus events; cost is $25 per year.
  • Special Birthday Offer
  • Free Shipping 4x/year
  • Priority Customer Service
  • Travel Benefits: Travel deals, includes cruises and hotels.
  • American Express Offers

American Express Benefits

  • This card comes with American Express benefits. You will be provided with a list of specific benefits when you get your card.

Visitor Reviews

Read about experiences others have had with this card and leave your own review here.

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Average rating:  
 28 reviews
by Peggy

I agree.... I would give it a negative rating too. Fraudulent charges. I was told that I would be credited back and was not. Finally they did and I closed my account. Macy's needs to do something and stop offering this card.

by kerry

^ this should be negative stars! after being issued my 4th or 5th macy's amex card due to fraudulent charges, i decided to close the account. i barely ever use it, for emergencies only maybe once or twice a year. however several fraudulent online charges always seem to pop up.when calling customer service, its very challenging to reach a human. you must be persistent. when you are lucky enough to reach said human, its a long process of holding and re-explaining everything. i was finally able to resolve all fraudulent charges, and fees that came along with them. long and short of it -- save yourself the headaches and stay away from this card!!

by Janet Stiller
Macy American Express - Worst Customer Service EVER

I"m not sure they even deserve 1 star.... I have been a loyal. Macy's account holder. I pay my account in full, and some how there was a 2.00 charge of finance - when i called them, they said that the payment was received in full but late, and $2.00 was charged for interest for the last 3 months, to total 6.00. I reluctantly paid the 6.00, I wasn't happy about it,hey didn't seem to care so with no emotion I canceled the card. Fast forward 3 additional months, I receive a bill for another 6.00 that went to an address I have not lived at for over 1 year. So I called them again... they said yes, the card is cancelled, but unfortunately there was a finance charge that had accrued and yes you paid in full when cancelling your card. This is when I lost it, and told them what i thought of them. I will NEVER use American Express again. This is a scam and shameful - and quite honestly they should be ashamed of themselves. Awful

by Mrutyunjay
Horrible Credit Card Department

Horrible !! After Login You can not even make regular payments. When you Call them only answer you get is They can not do any thing Sir!!!!

by Peggy

I am going to cancel my card! Watch on returns, they charge you back your discounts. What????

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