Macy’s American Express® Card

For People with
Fair Credit



You can apply for this card online or by visiting a Macy’s store.

You can access your account on the Macy’s website. If you’re having trouble creating or accessing your account online, we recommend you call the phone number on the back of your card or 1-888-257-6757 for help.

To pay your bill, see this page for the bill payment mailing address and other payment options.

For more information, see our FAQ section about this card.

If you have the regular Macy's Credit Card (Review) you may receive an offer to upgrade to this card, or you may be automatically upgraded. Click here to learn how to decline that offer.

Basic cardholders won’t earn any rewards, but if you raise your status to Platinum you’ll get 5% back at Macy’s.

Status Annual Spend Requirement Annual Star Passes Benefits
Silver $0–$499.99 3
  • Star Money Days
  • Perks and Offers
  • Birthday Surprise



  • Free Shipping
Platinum $1,200+ 12
  • 5% Back in Rewards at Macy’s

You’ll also get a variety of bonus categories outside of Macy’s:

Spending Rewards
  • 3X points per dollar at Restaurants
  • 2X points per dollar at:
    • Gas stations
    • Grocery stores
  • 1X point per dollar for all other purchases

Can I get cash with my Macy’s American Express?

You may be able to get cash out of an ATM with your Macy’s American Express as a cash advance, but that comes with very high fees. Learn about how cash advances work here.

You may want a different card instead

This is a store-branded card with lots of bad reviews. You may be able to get better rewards and terms with a cash back credit card that isn't for a specific store.

Cash Back Cards

Where can I use my Macy’s American Express® Card?

The Macy’s American Express Card can be used anywhere American Express credit cards are accepted, unlike the Macy’s Credit Card, which can only be used an Macy’s.

To see how this card stacks up against the regular store version, check out our Review of the Macy’s Credit Card and the Macy’s American Express Card.

Card Quick Facts

Card Quick Facts

  • 3X points per dollar at restaurants, 2X points per dollar at gas stations and grocery stores, 1X point for all other purchases
  • Macy’s Star Pass mailings
  • Surprise savings at checkout
  • Star Money days
  • Registry star rewards
  • Free shipping for Gold and Platinum members only
  • 5% back in rewards at Macy’s for Platinum members only
  • Birthday surprise every year
  • No annual fee

For People with
Fair Credit



Manage My Card

Want to pay a bill or check your balance?

Card Details



  • 5% back in rewards at Macy’s (Macy’s Platinum members only)
  • 3X points per dollar at Restaurants
  • 2X points per dollar at:
    • Gas stations
    • Grocery stores
  • 1X point per dollar for all other purchases

Introductory Bonus

  • 20% off Macy’s purchases on the day you’re approved and the day after, up to $100 in savings
Card Stats

Card Stats

Annual Fee $0
Additional Cards Annual Fee -
Regular Purchase APR 27.24% Variable
Intro Purchase APR -
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Chip Technology Chip-and-Signature
Minimum Credit Limit -
Maximum Credit Limit -
Free Credit Score No
Penalty APR None
Late Fee Up to $39
Returned Payment Fee Up to $39
Balance Transfers

Balance Transfers

Intro Balance Transfer APR -
Regular Balance Transfer APR -
Balance Transfer Fee -
Cash Advances

Cash Advances

Cash Advance APR 27.24% Variable
Cash Advance Fee 4%, $5 minimum

Card Benefits

Check your card’s Guide to Benefits to learn the specific benefits your card offers and how to access them.

  • Star Passes

    Get Star Passes each year, which can be used to get 25% off at Macy’s. Silver members get 3 per year; Gold members get 6; Platinum members get 12.

  • Up to 10% Off Delta Air Lines Flights

    Get a discount of 2%–10% off eligible Delta Air Lines fares for city pairs in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Perks and Offers

    Cardholders will receive occasional special offers at checkout, event invitations, access to exclusive sales, and more.

  • Birthday Surprise

    Cardholders will receive a birthday gift each year, usually a Macy’s discount.

  • Star Money Days

    Star Money Days are limited-time events during which cardholders can earn points for Macy’s purchases.

  • Registry Star Rewards

    Create a Wedding or Commitment registry shopping list at Macys to get 10% back in rewards for your own purchases, and 5% back in rewards for other people’s purchases.

  • Free Shipping

    Gold and Platinum-level cardholders get free standard shipping on purchases from Macy’s and

  • 5% Back in Rewards

    Cardholders with Platinum status will earn 5% back in rewards at Macy’s when paying with their Macy’s cards.

  • Amex Offers

    The Amex Offers program provides extra points for purchases made at a changing selection of retailers. Each offer must be activated before using.

  • Travel Benefits

    A variety of perks provided by the ALTOUR travel service agency, including Air Privileges, Luxury Hotel Privileges, and Car Privileges.

  • Entertainment Access

    Macy’s American Express cardholders have access to presale tickets and reserved seats for concerts and events, when purchasing from

Visitor Reviews

Read about experiences others have had with this card and leave your own review here.

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Average rating:  
 70 reviews
by Paula Smith
This is a horrible credit card

This is the worst credit card I have ever had. First of all whenever you get gas, the bank that issued this card put a 150.00 hold on for 20 dollars of gas, then it take weeks for the pending charge to fall off. I use this card for food out of town, it took a week for it to show up online, you cannot see any pending charges at all. I use this card to reserve a hotel room, I checked out of the hotel on July 1 today is July 13 and the 90 dollar pending charge to reserve the room has not fallen off the account. I paid them out, I have a zero balance, except the pending charge. Once that is put back, I will never use this card again. Closing my account, not worth it.

by Kim Patry
BEWARE - Fraudulent Practices

Without my permissions or knowledge, Macy's used my personal information from my existing Macy's account to establish a Macy's American Express account. I had my original account for over 35 years and have an excellent credit history which is now being destroyed by Macy's. After I wasn't able to access my account on line, I called a representative who informed me that they sent me a letter (which they didn't or I never received) saying that if I "didn't opt out", my account was going to be transferred to a Macy's AMEX. Not only was a letter never received, nor were the new credit cards associated with the account. I had no access to my account because I didn't even know what the account number was! They also refused to cash my check (which paid my balance in full from my original account0 and then claimed they returned my check as "unacceptable payment"?. In the meantime, several late fees and interest charges have accrued on this account that I have no access to. I have spoken with at least 10 representatives/supervisor (you name it) all of whom are not taking any responsibility and actually had one of them laughing at me during the conversation. This situation reminds me of identity theft!! I'm currently in the process of seeking legal action against Macy's for refusing to correct their erroneous string of errors after spending hours and hours of unsuccessfully trying to resolve the issue and resulting in damaging my excellent credit score! I will NEVER do business with this store again! I would be extremely embarrassed to be a Macy's Board Member after hearing what they have done to long time excellent Macy's customers!!

by Marisa L
Poor customer service

I’ve tried calling to cancel my card three times now. The first time I wasted about 15 minutes and the rep ultimately determined their system was down so she told me to call back an hour later. I then called the next night after getting through all the prompts that took about seven minutes, I got hung up on. Then the last time I called I was told it would be a 15 minute wait, ultimately was 35 minutes, and I was finally able to get through to someone to cancel, but it was a very frustrating process !

by dena
The worst card ever

if they had a negative review they would have been given that .I paid my bill online and then received a bill with no payment shown,.called the number on the account statement. They don't have a record of my account. complete idiots. Then they say we need to verify your account. idiots. don't open an account please it will be the worst credit you could ever receive

by Paul Smith
Rip off

I received my Macy's American Express card and shortly after received late fees for an unknown bill that I never got. I read all the bad reviews on this card but gave them the benefit of the doubt and still got burned..Stay Away From This Card!!

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