American Airlines Credit Card

John Ganotis

John Ganotis

Updated Dec 17, 2013

Summary/Key Benefits

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use credit card that can help you get from A to B, check out the American Airlines Credit Card. You can use it to pay for most of your American Airlines-related purchases, including baggage claim, flight tickets, and Admiral Club membership.

American Airlines Credit Card description

You can only use the American Airlines Credit Card for American Airlines-related purchases. That includes phone reservations, airport ticket-office purchases, American Airlines Self-Service Check-In Machines, travel centers and approved travel agencies, Admiral Club memberships, checked bag fees, AAdvantage upgrades, and any flight tickets issued by American Airlines, among other eligible purchases. Unfortunately, you can’t use the card for onboard purchases.

Also, for every purchase over $150, you won’t be charged interest as long as you pay off the balance within six months. You will have to make a minimum payment of $25 or 3% of your balance each month, whichever is greater. If you are charged interest, the APR for purchases is 25.99% and for cash advances is 29.95%. The card has no annual fee and no fees for additional cards. The penalty fee is up to $35 for late and returned payments.

If you need a simple line of credit for your travel needs, you can use this card toward most of your American Airlines-related purchases. Plus, you can keep track of all your American Airlines travel purchases with the card. So, even though you can’t use the card anywhere else, if you’re a frequent American Airlines traveler, the card might be a good addition to your wallet.

Key Disclosure Data

  • The American Airlines Credit Card can be used to purchase goods and services from American in the 50 United States, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands
  • The card has No Annual Fee
  • You can apply today and buy today. Approved customers receive an account number online within minutes.
  • From air travel to Admirals Club® memberships the Special Financing applies to any purchase of $150 or more
  • No Fee for additional authorized users’ cards
  • No interest on purchases of $150 or more if you pay off the balance within six months


  • No annual fee
  • No fee for additional cards
  • Some 0% purchases


  • High APR
  • AA purchases only
  • No onboard purchases

For full details about this card, click here.

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