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For People with
Fair Credit



The Store Card is used to make purchases from Amazon, and offers special financing options on eligible large purchases. There’s no annual fee.

Cardholders with Amazon Prime will earn 5% cash back on Amazon purchases when special financing is declined.

You can choose a deferred interest financing offer for eligible purchases of $149 and more:

Promotional Balance Term Length
$149–$598.99 6 months
$599–$798.99 12 months
$799+ 24 months

Take note that deferred financing offers are risky, because if you make a late payment or fail to pay off the full balance by the end of the term, you’ll immediately be charged interest on the starting balance for the entire length of the term. Learn more about deferred interest financing and how to use these offers safely.

And there are also Equal Pay financing offers, which allow you to pay over time at no interest as long as you pay off the financed balance in 12 equal payments. These are better than deferred interest offers because there’s no retroactive interest. You can learn more about the Equal Pay financing offers here.

Where can I use my Store Card?

This card can only be used on

Amazon also provides two other consumer credit cards which can be used anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted:

And there are also two Amazon business cards, which can be used anywhere American Express cards are accepted:

Card Quick Facts

Card Quick Facts

  • 5% back at Amazon for Amazon Prime members when declining special financing
  • Special no interest financing deals from 6 months to 24 months for eligible purchases
  • Equal Pay offers for eligible merchandise of $300 and more
  • $10 Amazon gift card when approved
  • No annual fee

For People with
Fair Credit



Manage My Card

Want to pay a bill or check your balance?

Card Details



  • 5% back at Amazon (Amazon Prime cardholders only)

Introductory Bonus

  • $10 gift card upon approval
Card Stats

Card Stats

Annual Fee $0
Additional Cards Annual Fee -
Regular Purchase APR 28.24% Variable
Intro Purchase APR -
Foreign Transaction Fee -
Chip Technology None
Minimum Credit Limit -
Maximum Credit Limit -
Free Credit Score No
Penalty APR None
Late Fee Up to $38
Returned Payment Fee See Terms
Balance Transfers

Balance Transfers

Intro Balance Transfer APR -
Regular Balance Transfer APR -
Balance Transfer Fee -
Cash Advances

Cash Advances

Cash Advance APR -
Cash Advance Fee -

Card Benefits

Check your card’s Guide to Benefits to learn the specific benefits your card offers and how to access them.

  • 6-Month Special Financing

    On purchases of $149 or more; no interest if paid in full within 6 months.

  • 12-Month Special Financing

    On purchases of $599 or more; no interest if paid in full within 12 months.

  • 24-Month Special Financing

    On purchases of $799 and more; no interest if paid in full within 24 months.

  • Equal Pay Financing Offer

    On select items from of $300 and more; no interest if paid in full. Requires 12 monthly payments of equal amounts.

  • Free FICO Credit Score

    Check your FICO Score 8 whenever you’d like, based on your TransUnion credit report.

  • Free VantageScore Credit Score

    Use the TransUnion CreditView Dashboard to check your VantageScore 3.0 credit score and a credit simulator, based on your TransUnion credit report.

  • Zero Fraud Liability

    You will not be held responsible for unauthorized use of your card (contact customer support immediately if you suspect fraud).

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Average rating:  
 17 reviews
by Pam
Buyer beware with Synchrony card

I had the store card and somehow they have become my back up source. The rebates on purchases are ok since I pay off every month. We purchased a new computer for my husband and put it on the company card. The next morning I saw an email that they weren't able to bill the card and charged it to the store card. Oh well I thought I'll just get a reimbursement. Not even 30 days later the screen is damaged and of course not covered by warranty and there is no purchase protection with the Synchrony card. I will be changing my credit card preferences asap to make sure nothing with working parts is charged to this card.

by Carol

I thought this card would be okay because it's through Amazon, NOT SO! When I signed up for this card I charged one item with it, I had a Auto Delivery for something else that I used my bank debit card for, two payments were paid, Jan 6th and Feb 6th 2019, then on March 6th it was automatically billed the Amazon Store Card (I had signed up for it March 5th), they did not have my permission do this. The only number I could find on the Synchrony Bank website was for collections and they told me I could dispute the charge by filling out a form but it'd take 1 to 3 months before a decision was made and that I'd be be billed $25 and 28% interest each month while waiting for the decision, it'll affect my credit score too. This website, Credit Card Insider, gave them 3 stars when they should be giving a WARNING about using this card.

by Mia
The Worst

If I could give this credit card and this bank zero stars I would. I have had - less Synchrony Bank, thank you - an over 800 credit score. Not any more. This bank refuses (even when asked by telephone) to send you up-to-date account balances. I agree with others here that they deliberately wait until your payment is overdue so they can charge you the late fee and damage your credit in the process. I have repeatedly asked to get my notification date changed and they tell me they can only do that every three months - ??? - and then they don't do it anyway. I can't believe Amazon does business with these people. It makes me hesitate to do business with Amazon.

by Karen Cowen

Synchrony bank is a horrible company and I'm very disappointed that Amazon is utilizing them for their store card. I spend a lot of money with Amazon and I'm disappointed that has come to an end do to business practices of synchrony bank. This company will hamper good credit

by Elizabeth Doermann
Online account is never available and customer service is the WORST!!!

This bank has phone numbers that cannot be changed that are not mine but my husband's work phonesfrom the 1980's, my husband's cell which they cannot use as it is a sprint cell phone, and my old landline number that has not been in service since 2008!!! Now this is the only way to verify who I am ! SERIOUSLY!!!! The phone "help" said to call the credit bureaus and have my phone numbers changed. That would take months according to my husband who sells financing and deals with credit bureaus daily. They will not email you a code, nor send you one to any of your internet phones or sprint cell phones. I am locked out. I got through this scam once only to have the same nonsense again!! You cannot change the phone numbers they get from the "credit bureau". I do not know how my husband's work phone numbers would get into my credit bureau as our credit has NEVER been linked!! The support is either incompetent or liars at this "bank".Once I did manage to get in with my social but they have taken that away now as well.If you want an account you cannot access this one is for you. You can waste your night dealing with these idiots.

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