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The Store Card Credit Builder is a secured credit card, designed to help you improve your credit scores. But other than that it’s just like the regular Store Card (Review).

You can’t apply for this Amazon credit card directly. Instead you must apply for the unsecured Store Card — and if you don’t qualify for that card, then Synchrony, the card issuer, will automatically consider you for the secured version.

If approved for the Store Card Credit Builder, you’ll need to provide a security deposit of at least $100. Your credit limit will be equal to the amount you deposit. To make your security deposit you can visit

Cardholders with Amazon Prime memberships will automatically be given the Amazon Prime Store Card Credit Builder card, which earns 5% cash back on Amazon purchases when special financing is declined. Other than that all the terms and features are the same.

You can also choose deferred interest financing offers for eligible purchases of $149 and more:

Promotional Balance Term Length
$149–$598.99 6 months
$599–$798.99 12 months
$799+ 24 months

Take note that deferred financing offers are risky, because if you make a late payment or fail to pay off the full balance by the end of the term, you’ll immediately be charged interest on the starting balance for the entire length of the term. Learn more about deferred interest financing and how to use these offers safely.

And there are also Equal Pay financing offers, which allow you to pay over time at no interest as long as you pay off the financed balance in 12 equal payments. These are better than deferred interest offers because there’s no retroactive interest. You can learn more about the Equal Pay financing offers here.

You have a chance to upgrade from this secured card to the unsecured Store Card (or Prime Store Card). According to Amazon, some of the criteria used to determine upgrades are:

  • You make 7 consecutive on-time payments on your Amazon Credit Builder account and pay all other bills on time.
  • Your credit file has no recent bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, or delinquent accounts.
  • Your credit scores meet Synchrony Bank’s internal credit criteria.

Where can I use my Store Card Credit Builder?

This card can only be used on

Amazon also provides two other consumer credit cards which can be used anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted:

And there are also two Amazon business cards, which can be used anywhere American Express cards are accepted:

Card Quick Facts

Card Quick Facts

  • 5% cash back at Amazon for Amazon Prime members when declining special financing
  • Special no interest financing deals from 6 months to 24 months for eligible purchases
  • Equal Pay offers for eligible merchandise of $300 and more
  • $10 Amazon gift card when approved
  • Secured credit card: security deposit of at least $100 required
  • Potential to upgrade to an unsecured card
  • No annual fee

For People with
No Credit



Manage My Card

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Card Details



  • 5% back at Amazon (Amazon Prime cardholders only)

Introductory Bonus

  • $10 gift card upon approval
Card Stats

Card Stats

Annual Fee $0
Additional Cards Annual Fee -
Regular Purchase APR 28.24% Variable
Intro Purchase APR -
Foreign Transaction Fee -
Chip Technology None
Minimum Credit Limit $100
Maximum Credit Limit -
Free Credit Score Yes
Penalty APR None
Late Fee Up to $38
Returned Payment Fee See Terms
Balance Transfers

Balance Transfers

Intro Balance Transfer APR -
Regular Balance Transfer APR -
Balance Transfer Fee -
Cash Advances

Cash Advances

Cash Advance APR -
Cash Advance Fee -

Card Benefits

Check your card’s Guide to Benefits to learn the specific benefits your card offers and how to access them.

  • 6-Month Special Financing

    On purchases of $149 or more; no interest if paid in full within 6 months.

  • 12-Month Special Financing

    On purchases of $599 or more; no interest if paid in full within 12 months.

  • 24-Month Special Financing

    On purchases of $799 and more; no interest if paid in full within 24 months.

  • Equal Pay Financing Offer

    On select items from of $300 and more; no interest if paid in full. Requires 12 monthly payments of equal amounts.

  • Free FICO Credit Score

    Check your FICO Score 8 whenever you’d like, based on your TransUnion credit report.

  • Free VantageScore Credit Score

    Use the TransUnion CreditView Dashboard to check your VantageScore 3.0 credit score and access a credit simulator, based on your TransUnion credit report.

  • Zero Fraud Liability

    You will not be held responsible for unauthorized use of your card (contact customer support immediately if you suspect fraud).

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