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Jun 03, 2016 | Updated Jun 06, 2016

Dr. David A Smith

Check out the story of Dr. David A. Smith, who found Credit Card Insider through our Youtube channel. David agreed to answer some questions about how he uses credit cards, and also what he’s been learning recently to improve his credit.

Thanks David! We agree with your advice about using credit cards in combination with cash, and the importance of being aware of how credit works so it can help you live the kind of life you want to.

If you have some questions for us or feedback you’d like to give, just click the orange “Ask” button on the top right of the page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

1) Why did you start learning more about credit and credit cards?

I have had many good experiences with credit usage in the past, along with very challenging occurrences due to variations in the national economy. For the past year, I wanted to understand the significance of credit, the implications associated with the phenomenon, along with using the entity to improve my personal socioeconomic lifestyle.

2) What has improved most about your life?

Ever since listening to your YouTube videos, I have improved my credit from a 662 credit score to an impressive 771 credit score within one year (TransUnion). Additionally, I have negotiated with my American Express Platinum Card for the $450 annual fee requirements to include a $100 credit for the year.

Finally, I have received over $500 cash credits to my Chase Freedom Unlimited Card, Chase Freedom Visa Card, and American Express Blue Cash Everyday Cards by listening to your advice.

3) What was the most surprising thing you learned?

I have learned that credit is the key to an abundant and fulfilling life within the capitalistic economic environment that America embraces. While I appreciate and respect “Financial Gurus” on the Internet who try to convince the millions to always implement commerce using “Cash only” processes via debit card utilization, reality gives a very different and overwhelming implication if one does not have a credit history by just using cash.

Effective credit utilization and implementation opens the doorway to a good life in the United States. The best strategy is to live within one’s means without having large revolving debt. The “Financial Gurus” should modify their messages to convince followers to use credit cards for most everyday expenses, then use cash to pay the balances in full on a monthly basis. The strategy will build credit history, which will allow individuals to buy homes, cars, and live the “American Dream!”

4) How did you hear about Credit Card Insider, and what was your favorite part of our site?

I heard about Credit Card Insider from a YouTube search. My favorite aspect about Credit Insider is your dedicated service to helping thousands of people to expand their socioeconomic goals that relate to credit. Your team’s abilities to explain very complicated scenarios into simplistic language truly helps the public to gravitate to your site for more value.

We’re glad that we could help you improve your credit, David. If you’re new to credit and are ready to dive in, start by learning the basics of using and paying for a credit card.  And if you have any questions or comments for us, just click the “Ask” button in the top right corner! 

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