4 Southwest Credit Card Offers That Could Help You Fly for Free

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Aug 23, 2018 | Updated May 03, 2019

In a world of complaint-ridden airlines, Southwest Airlines stands apart. Its customers — and its employees — are some of the happiest among the bunch.

It’s understandable why you’d be curious about Southwest credit card offers.

Southwest has four card options, including a business card and the new Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card (Review). This recently-released premium card hopes to compete with other top travel rewards cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card (Review).

With any rewards card, your goal is to earn points with your regular spending, which you can later cash in for flights. But which of the Southwest credit card offers is right for you? Here’s what you need to know about these cards — and how to choose one.

Why Choose Southwest Credit Card Offers?

If you’ve ever flown Southwest Airlines, you know it does things a bit differently than the big guys.

It’s known for its quirky, “luv”-filled approach to flying. The company also shares profits with its employees (which might be why they’re so pleasant).

Southwest’s route map includes flights all over the continental United States, Central America, and the Caribbean.

In addition to its killer rewards program, which we’ll explain below, people also love Southwest because it doesn’t charge exorbitant fees.

Unlike the other airlines, which charge between $75 and $200 to change your ticket, Southwest allows you to change or cancel your flight for free. Since the airline frequently runs fare sales, this means that, if you find a lower price, you can rebook your flight with no penalty.

Southwest also lets you check two bags for free.

Since its route map is more limited than the major airlines, be sure to check it before applying for one of the cards. If your home airport doesn’t have a lot of Southwest departures, a Southwest card probably isn’t your best option. Consider these other airline credit cards, or try a broad travel card like the Chase Sapphire Reserve® (Review).

How Does Southwest’s Rapid Rewards Program Work?

The biggest reason to sign up for Southwest credit card offers is you’ll earn more points with the airline’s loyalty program, Rapid Rewards.

Like most rewards programs, you can redeem Rapid Rewards points for car rentals, gift cards, or merchandise.

But the most valuable redemption is for flights. Southwest bases redemption rates on factors like distance traveled, demand, date, and fare type.

When we searched for upcoming flights from New York to Orlando, here are some one-way fares we found.

4 Southwest Credit Card Offers That Could Help You Fly for Free

As you can see, the more points you’re willing to part with, the better fare class you’ll get. One of the best things about Southwest’s awards redemptions is the lack of blackout dates. As long as there’s a seat available, you can book it using Rapid Rewards points.

The airline’s other famous perk is its companion pass, which lets someone accompany you for free on all Southwest flights for up to two years. (Since that perk deserves its own section, we’ll dive into it below.)

Accruing Southwest Rapid Rewards points can also help you achieve elite status with the airline. Here are the two different levels:


To achieve A-List status, you must either take 25 one-way flights or earn 35,000 “tier qualifying points” (which are different than regular Rapid Rewards points). When you do, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Priority boarding, check-in, and security lane access
  • 25% earning bonus on each flight
  • Free same-day standby

Priority boarding is particularly nice on Southwest flights, as seats aren’t assigned beforehand. If you don’t have elite status and don’t pay for premium access, your boarding position will be based on how early you check in for your flight.

A-List Preferred

To achieve A-List Preferred status, you must either take 50 one-way flights or earn 70,000 tier qualifying points. When you do, you’ll get all the perks of A-List, plus:

  • 100% earning bonus on each flight
  • Free in-flight WiFi

Note that regular spending on your Southwest credit cards won’t be nearly enough to reach elite status. While three of the four Southwest credit cards earn tier qualifying points, it doesn’t amount to much: You’ll get 1,500 points for every $10,000 you spend, up to a maximum of 15,000 tier qualifying points per card.

In other words? Don’t count on your credit cards to help you achieve elite status; you’ll need to take Southwest flights to do that.

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Southwest Credit Card Offers

With four cards on the market, it can be tough to decide which Southwest credit card offer to choose.

Below, we’ve broken down the details of the four most popular cards, so you can see which one might work for you.

Key Stats

Annual fee Foreign transaction fees APR Earns tier qualifying points?
Priority Credit Card $149 0% 18.24% - 25.24% Variable Yes
Premier Credit Card $99 0% 18.24% - 25.24% Variable Yes
Plus Credit Card $69 3% 18.24% - 25.24% Variable No
Premier Business Card $99 0% 18.24% - 25.24% Variable Yes

Rewards Information

Signup bonus Rewards Anniversary points bonus
Priority Credit Card 60,000 points after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months 2X points/dollar on Southwest and hotel and car rental partners; 1X point/dollar on everything else 7,500
Premier Credit Card 60,000 points after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months 2X points/dollar on Southwest and hotel and car rental partners; 1X point/dollar on everything else 6,000
Plus Credit Card 60,000 points after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months 2X points/dollar on Southwest and hotel and car rental partners; 1X point/dollar on everything else 3,000
Premier Business Card 60,000 points after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months 2X points/dollar on Southwest and hotel and car rental partners; 1X point/dollar on everything else 6,000

The Priority Card comes with additional perks like:

  • Four upgraded boarding passes
  • $75 annual Southwest travel credit
  • 20% back on in-flight purchases

Which Southwest Credit Card Offer Gets You a Companion Pass? 

Ah, the companion pass. Once you earn it, one companion will be able to fly free on all your Southwest flights until the end of the following year.

To get a companion pass, you’ll need to take 100 one-way flights or earn 110,000 qualifying points in a calendar year.

For most of us, the second option is more feasible.

You could earn it by getting approved for two Southwest credit card offers, then snagging the signup bonuses for each.

You can’t hold more than one Southwest personal card, so you’d need to apply for one of the regular Southwest cards, plus the business card. (Think you don’t qualify for a business card? Think again.)

Here’s how it would work:

  • Apply for a personal card, spend $2,000 in three months, earn 60,000 points.
  • Apply for the business card, spend $3,000 in three months, earn 60,000 points.
  • You now have at least 125,000 points (120,000 signup bonus points at least 5,000 points from meeting the minimum spend).

Tada! More than 110,000 points in just a few months. Not only can you redeem them for Southwest flights, you’ll also be able to take a companion with you on every one.

Once you earn the companion pass, it’s good through the end of the following year. So if you earn it in November 2018, it’ll be good through December 2019 (13 months). But if you earn it in April 2019, it’ll be good through December 2020 (21 months). So it’s wise to earn the companion pass as early as possible in the calendar year.

How to Qualify for Southwest Credit Card Offers

All of the Southwest credit card offers are designed for people with good credit scores — probably somewhere around a FICO Score 8 of 700. But keep in mind that credit card issuers base approvals on more than just your scores, so there’s no magic number to aim for.

Not sure if you’d qualify? The first step is to check your credit scores and reports. Then, since Chase issues the Southwest cards, hop onto the bank’s website to see if you have any pre-qualified offers available.

While you could still get approved without a pre-qualified offer, it’s important to first make sure your credit scores are in the right range. (That’s because every credit card application dings your scores a little bit.)

If they’re not there yet, read this post about how to improve your credit scores.

Chase is notorious for its “5/24 rule.” If you’ve been approved for five credit cards in the past 24 months, it’ll deny your application — no matter how good your credit is. So keep careful track of how many cards you’ve opened, and if two Southwest cards will put you over the limit, wait until you’ve surpassed that 24-month mark.

How to Choose the Southwest Credit Card Offer for You

Deciding which Southwest credit card offer is right for you is a personal decision.

You’ll need to assess the annual fees, perks, and signup bonuses to see which one makes the most sense. Take note they all provide 2X points for Southwest and Rapid Rewards partner purchases.

For most users, however, we’d recommend the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card (Review). Here’s why:

  • Its annual fee ($149) is offset by the $75 statement credit for Southwest flights. If you take that into account, its annual fee is only $5 more than the Plus card’s $69.
  • It comes with four upgraded boarding passes, 20% off in-flight purchases, and 7,500 points on your anniversary. (That’s at least $75 in value, more than double the Plus card.)
  • For big spenders, it also offers additional perks: For every $10,000 you spend, you’ll earn 1,500 tier qualifying points toward preferred status.

And, if none of the Southwest credit cards feel right, then consider whether a different airline card might be a better fit for your travel habits. Or, check out some of the other best credit cards on the market.

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