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How to Get Free Breakfast (and Free Massages) With American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts

Updated Oct 15, 2021 | Published Feb 05, 20208 min read

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At a glance

When you have an Amex Platinum card and book properties in its Fine Hotels & Resorts collection, you’ll get access to a valuable range of elite-style perks. If you’re on a budget, however, The Hotel Collection might be a better fit.

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Picture this: You’re taking your wife on a weekend getaway to a gorgeous hotel in the Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts collection.

You leave your house early, arriving in time for a noon check-in. The front desk staffer smiles and says you’ve been upgraded to a plusher room. He notes you’ll also get free breakfast for two each day and a $100 credit to use at the spa. You don’t have to check out until 4 p.m. either.

Your wife is floored — how did you snag all these extra perks? You must have had to jump through a lot of hoops. Now it’s your turn to smile, because you know it was as easy as making any other hotel reservation. (But she doesn’t have to know that!)

Here’s how you can get that same VIP treatment at more than 1,000 properties across the globe — just by booking with The Platinum Card® from American Express.

What Is Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts?

American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR) is a collection of luxurious properties spanning 500 cities around the world.

Amex reportedly curates this collection by hand, and even sends undercover employees to make sure each property is up to snuff. In other words, these are some of the best accommodations in the biz.

Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts benefits

The perks of booking with Amex FHR. Image credit: American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts

When you 1) have an American Express Centurion or Platinum card, 2) book a stay at one of these lavish properties through the Amex FHR site or, and 3) travel on the reservation as a cardholder, you’ll be eligible for a generous selection of perks, including:

  • Free daily breakfast for two (continental breakfast, at a minimum)
  • Room upgrades, when available
  • A “unique property amenity” valued at a minimum of $100 (usually a spa or food and beverage credit)
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Noon check-in, when available
  • 4 p.m. checkout, guaranteed

According to American Express, these perks average out to a value of $550 over a two-night stay.

And at certain properties, you can sweeten the deal with special offers, such as a complimentary third, fourth, or fifth night — which can significantly increase the value of booking through FHR. (Just note you’ll need to pay taxes and fees on any free nights.)

Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts special offers

A sampling of Amex’s special offers. Image credit: American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts

The Downside of Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts

Let’s get one thing clear: You’re not going to be pinching pennies by staying at one of the FHR hotels. We are, after all, talking about the “Fine” Hotels & Resorts collection, not the “average” collection.

So be aware that most of the hotels run $300 per night and up — way up. That said, there are exceptions, especially in a destination’s off season, so it never hurts to look.

Insider tip

If you’re on the hunt for budget-friendly options, Amex’s “The Hotel Collection” might be a better fit. Available to Platinum cardholders, as well as those with the American Express® Gold Card and American Express® Business Gold Card, it features a range of hotels around the world — many at a lower price point than those included with FHR. When booking stays of two nights or more through The Hotel Collection, you’ll receive a free upgrade, when available, plus a $100 resort credit. We dive into this program in further detail below.

Also keep in mind that Amex’s FHR website doesn’t always offer the cheapest nightly rates. Even if you pay slightly more to book with FHR, however, most cardholders find that the perks more than outweigh the additional cost. Still, it’s always a good idea to comparison shop before making a booking.

Lastly, the FHR website doesn’t include taxes and fees in its initial room rates, which can lead to an unpleasant surprise when you’re finalizing your booking. As many other travel sites do include taxes and fees in their advertised rates, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples when shopping around.

7 Ways to Maximize Your Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts Benefit

Ready to book a stay through Amex’s Fine Hotels & Resorts? Here’s how to squeeze the most value out of it.

1. Earn 5X points per dollar

If you use your Platinum card to book and pre-pay for your stay at, you’ll earn 5X Membership Rewards points for every dollar you spend (starting 1/1/21, on up to $500,000 spent per calendar year). Even better, unlike other prepaid bookings, FHR reservations are reportedly refundable, as long as you’re within the cancellation window.

2. Get multiple $100 credits

Want to snag two “special amenity” credits in a single weekend? While you won’t get an additional credit if you check in, out, and then back in to the same hotel within 24 hours, you can get multiple credits by making your bookings on multiple cards.

For example, you could book Friday night on your card, and your partner could book Saturday night on his card. Though you’ll probably have to switch rooms, we bet that additional $100 credit will be worth the hassle.

Alternatively, if you only have access to one Amex Platinum card, you could maximize your credits by spending one night at one hotel, then moving to a different hotel the next night — and grabbing an additional $100 credit.

Insider tip

Make sure you choose a hotel with an offer that appeals to you. A $100 spa credit, for example, is worth nothing if you don’t use it or can’t get a reservation. In our opinion, restaurant credits are the most valuable, since we’ve all gotta eat!

3. Book more than one room

If you’re traveling with a group, you can book up to three rooms on a single card. Each room will be eligible for its own set of FHR credits. (Cha-ching!)

And, if you’ll need more than three rooms — or won’t be traveling with the reservation — don’t forget the Amex Platinum allows you to add up to three authorized users for a total of $175 per year.

4. Earn loyalty points

In days of yore, booking through meant you wouldn’t earn hotel loyalty points on your stay.

But those days are gone. Now, when you prepay through Amex Travel, you’ll earn 5X points/dollar on your spend — as well as points in your chosen hotel’s loyalty program. If you have elite status at that hotel chain, you should be eligible for those benefits, too.

5. Check for a WiFi reimbursement

According to Amex’s terms and conditions, if a property includes “the cost of Wi-Fi in a mandatory resort fee, the Card Member will receive a daily credit from the Property in the standard amount that the Property charges for Wi-Fi.” You should see the credit on your final bill when you check out — if you don’t, make sure to inquire.

6. Avoid booking with points

Sure, you can book your stay with Membership Rewards points instead of cash, but it isn’t worth it.

Not only will your MR points only be worth a measly 1 cent each, but you’ll be missing out on the 5X points/dollar you’d earn by paying with your Platinum card.

7. Use your concierge

As a Platinum cardholder, you have access to both an American Express travel concierge and a “lifestyle counselor” who can help you with questions about your reservation, as well as assist with transportation options, restaurant recommendations, and so on.

While not exclusive to customers booking through FHR, it’s a good perk to be aware of. Some people, for example, have reported getting an even earlier early check-in (like 10 a.m.!) by asking the Amex concierge to call the FHR property on their behalf.

Is Amex FHR Worth It?

Whether or not you should book with FHR is a personal call. While the nightly rates are sometimes more expensive, you will get some killer perks (and will also earn 5X points/dollar).

To help illustrate the point, we compared prices for hotels in several cities for an upcoming weekend stay. The following rates are for two nights for two people, including taxes and fees.

Property Hotel Website Rate FHR Rate Difference
The Plaza (NYC) $1,839 $1,739  -$100
Four Seasons Hotel Bogota $718 $614 -$104
The St. Regis Hong Kong $1,124 $1,302 +$178
Raffles Seychelles $3,082 $3,078 -$4
Intercontinental Ljubljana $530 $532 +$2

As you can see, your results will vary. In some cases, you’ll pay more to book through Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts; in other cases, you’ll pay less. So you should always shop around, and only book through FHR if the elite-like benefits make up for the difference in cost.

Raffles Seychelles

Sure, $3,000 for a weekend is steep… but you get a private pool. Image credit: Raffles Seychelles

Still can’t decide if booking with Amex FHR is right for you? Here are a few scenarios in which it might make sense:

  • You have a short hotel stay: If you want to treat yo’self for a night, then Amex FHR might be worthwhile. Since you’ll receive the same perks whether you stay one night or six, the $100 credit is most impactful on a one- or two-night stay.
  • You want to feel like a VIP: When you book with FHR, hotel staff view you as a big spender — and treat you as such. Plus, since Amex is so picky with which hotels it allows into the program, most member hotels go out of their way to give FHR guests special attention.
  • You get a free night: Without a doubt, getting a third, fourth, or fifth night free is one of the most valuable perks of the Amex FHR program. While you should still run the numbers to make sure it’s cheaper than booking directly, you’ll usually come out on top.
  • You don’t have elite status or want to stay at a boutique hotel: If you don’t have elite status at any hotel chain, or want to stay at a boutique hotel without a loyalty program, booking through FHR will give you similar perks.

Which Credit Cards Come With Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts?

Only three cards have access to Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts. One is the Centurion card, aka the famous Amex Black card, that’s so exclusive you can’t even apply for it.

For us mortals, there are two options: the personal and business versions of the Platinum card.

The Platinum Card® from American Express
  • Min. credit levelGood
  • Annual Fee$695
  • Purchase APRSee Pay Over Time APR

Rates & Fees

American Express is a Credit Card Insider advertiser.

The Platinum card is a fantastic all-around travel card. Its airport lounge access is unparalleled, and its hefty annual fee is offset by a raft of credits, including up to $200 on Uber each year. While we couldn’t call the FHR benefit a reason to get the card — unless you find yourself at luxury hotels every month — it is certainly a nice perk.

Read more 2021 Review: The Platinum Card® from American Express – Is It Worth the $695 Annual Fee?
The Business Platinum Card® from American Express
  • Min. credit levelGood
  • Annual Fee$595 ($695 if application is received on or after 1/13/2022)
  • Purchase APRSee Pay Over Time APR

Rates & Fees

The information related to The Business Platinum Card® from American Express has been collected by Credit Card Insider and has not been reviewed or provided by the issuer or provider of this product.

Like its personal version, the Amex Platinum Business card is a great option for jetsetters. You’ll earn additional points on purchases over $5,000, as well as a generous 35% point bonus when redeeming Membership Rewards points for flights. (Here’s how to apply for a business card, even if you don’t think you qualify.)

Fine Hotels & Resorts vs. The Hotel Collection

You may have seen The Hotel Collection mentioned among your American Express card’s benefits and wondered how it differs from FHR.

Basically, The Hotel Collection is Fine Hotels & Resorts for the rest of us. Because its inventory is less exclusive, it has more options that are affordable and accessible to everyday cardholders.

The Hotel Collection

Perks of The Hotel Collection. Image credit: American Express

On an upcoming weekend in San Diego, for example, the cheapest property on the Fine Hotels & Resorts website was the Fairmont Grand del Mar at $1,195/night; on The Hotel Collection website, it was the Loews Coronado Bay for $485/night.

So, while FHR might get more attention, The Hotel Collection can be a really valuable benefit for those of us with less extravagant tastes (or, at least, less extravagant bank accounts).

The perks of booking with The Hotel Collection are pretty good, too. On stays of two nights or more, you’ll receive a $100 property credit toward qualifying dining, spa, and resort activities, plus a room upgrade at check-in, if available.

You’ll need to book through The Hotel Collection site or — and, as with FHR, it’s best to pay with your card rather than points so you can earn 2X points/dollar with the Gold cards and 5X points/dollar with the Platinums. To qualify for The Hotel Collection’s benefits, you must travel on the booked itinerary and pay for the stay with your eligible American Express card.

Cards with this benefit:

Insider tip

As a Platinum cardholder, you’ll have access to both FHR and The Hotel Collection. So before heading out on a trip, check both sites to scope all your options

Enrollment required for select benefits; terms and limitations apply.

Fine Hotels & Resorts vs. The Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection

Here’s another alternative to FHR for you — only this time it’s from a totally different card issuer: the Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection from Chase.

Like Amex’s FHR, Chase’s LHRC is geared toward high-end travelers, and many of its hotels are quite extraordinary.

Its benefits include:

  • Free daily breakfast for two
  • Room upgrades, when available
  • A “special benefit” valued at a minimum of $100 (usually a spa or food and beverage credit)
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Early check-in and late checkout, when available

When compared to Amex’s FHRC, the two big drawbacks of Chase’s LHRC are that it doesn’t include any complimentary third/fourth/fifth night offers, and that late checkout is based upon availability (rather than being guaranteed).

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our guide to Chase’s Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection. (You can also learn why I generally prefer the Chase Sapphire Reserve over the Amex Platinum.)

Cards with this benefit include:

Enrollment required for select benefits; terms and limitations apply.

Should You Take Advantage of Amex’s FHR?

If you like the finer things in life, the American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts program is a great way to get a little more bang for your buck when booking luxury stays.

But you’ll still need to pay a lot of buck to begin with. While the FHR benefit could be worth several hundred dollars over the course of a weekend, your nightly room rate will likely be between $300 and $1,000.

So make sure you ask yourself if you’re getting adequate value from each booking (and if the answer’s yes, then enjoy getting pampered!).

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