John Ulzheimer

John UlzheimerJohn Ulzheimer is a recognized expert on credit reporting, credit scoring and identity theft. He is a credit blogger for Credit Card Insider, CreditSesame, Mint, and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. John is twice Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) certified by the credit reporting industry’s trade association and has been an expert witness in over 140 cases involving credit issues. Formerly of FICO and Equifax, John is the only recognized credit expert who actually comes from the credit industry.

Q&A Video – What Credit Cards Do Millionaires Use?

John Ulzheimer | Q&A Videos | Jun 25, 2015

Big spenders need more than your average credit card. Instead of the $10,000 to $20,000 credit limits most people are used to, millionaires and billionaires need special credit cards designed to handle the load, with extremely high credit limits and often very high spending requirements and annual fees. The American Express Centurion Card, otherwise known […]

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