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About Credit Card Insider

Our mission is to empower people to use credit cards to their advantage, with confidence. This starts with an understanding of how credit cards work and how to build credit.

We only encourage responsible credit card use. This means paying on time and in full every month to avoid fees and credit card debt. We don’t encourage attempts to manipulate credit scoring systems in tricky ways. We don’t advocate constantly applying for and cancelling cards to game sign-up bonuses.

We know that credit cards are serious financial tools, and can cause long-lasting negative financial consequences when people use them irresponsibly, so we believe they’re not for everyone.

Our focus is on the long term: building habits and knowledge that lead to excellent credit, and finding the right cards if you decide credit cards are right for you.

We make money through relationships with advertising partners. They pay us for credit card approvals on some cards. Unlike most credit card sites, we don’t base our best card picks on relationships with issuers. This is why you’ll see many cards on Credit Card Insider that you won’t see on our competitors’ sites. Partner relationships do not impact the star ratings we give cards, either.

We’re committed to honesty in our card reviews. You can count on us to tell the truth about a card, whether the issuer pays us for approvals or not. We’ll tell you which cards are best in our opinion, even if those cards don’t earn a commission.

To learn more, read about how we rate cards, or check out our Editorial Guidelines. We’re focused on quality in our guides and posts rather than churning out lots of thin blog posts. You won’t find low quality or ghostwritten content on this website.

We don’t collect any credit card application information directly on Credit Card Insider. Apply Now buttons go directly to issuers’ secure websites, where they collect and process your information.

If you’re new to credit cards, start with our guide to building credit. If you’re looking for a card, see our top picks here. You can contact us any time with your questions.

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