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John Ulzheimer
Q&A Video: How Do I Know If I’ll Earn Rewards Points On This Purchase?
John Ulzheimer | Jul 29, 2015

Many credit cards offer rewards like points or cash back for purchases, but how do you know what you'll get for a particular purchase?

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John Ulzheimer
Q&A Video: What Happens When My Discontinued Credit Card Expires?
John Ulzheimer | Jul 28, 2015

In some rare cases, a credit card issuer will discontinue issuing a card that you hold; what will happen to your credit card?

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John Ulzheimer
Adverse Actions That Credit Card Issuers Can Take
John Ulzheimer | Jul 27, 2015

In certain situations credit card issuers can take punitive measures against cardholders, including denial of credit, changing terms, or suspending accounts

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