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Brendan Harkness
Best Rewards Credit Cards – Summer 2015
Brendan Harkness | Jul 02, 2015

Our Editor's Picks for the best credit cards to earn cash back on your summer shopping.

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John Ulzheimer
Q&A Video – What Are The Factors That Affect My Credit Score?
John Ulzheimer | Jul 02, 2015

Do you know how your credit score is created? By taking 5 types of information from your credit reports, your score is a summary of your creditworthiness.

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Kimberly Rotter
Here’s Why “Thin Credit” Consumers Might Now Have a FICO Score
Kimberly Rotter | Jul 01, 2015

53 million people don't have a traditional credit score, but a new alternative score based on utilities provides a way to prove their creditworthiness.

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