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Susan Shain
The Surprising Truth About APR vs. Interest Rate for Credit Cards
Susan Shain | Jul 11, 2018

How do issuers calculate their APR vs. interest rate for credit cards? The answer may surprise you. Find out what's important when looking at APRs.

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Brendan Harkness
Review of the Walmart® Credit Card and Walmart® Mastercard
Brendan Harkness | Jul 05, 2018

The Walmart Credit Card and Walmart Mastercard are popular for special financing offers and cash back an the register. Are they worth it? Find out here.

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Susan Shain
How Does a Credit Card Work? Here’s an Easy-to-Understand Guide
Susan Shain | Jul 03, 2018

Intrigued by the perks of credit cards, but afraid of the murky pit of debt? How does a credit card work? We'll help you decide if a credit card is for you.

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